Chobi Majin Vegeta1990
Sep 18, 04 5:38pm
Just returning the favour.

bLuE_PiNaY_LvEr Majin Vegeta1990
Sep 17, 04 9:00pm
One of them random signings...

Please sign &/or pm back if you don't mind...

Signed by Moi,
dedonce Majin Vegeta1990
Apr 29, 04 12:05am
Howdy you quality 24 lover you thought id sign your guestbook, dont know what to put apart from keep watching 24

cya later, Sean

btw i have my own site now,
have a guess where the URL came from!!??
Unspoken Majin Vegeta1990
Sep 13, 03 10:57pm
im running out of subjects...

|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| Stupid Length Thingy |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|

Master Link Majin Vegeta1990
Aug 27, 03 11:27pm
im ML(Master Link).do i know your e-mail?is it Vish Brio or somthing like that?and what state du you live in,i want to battle you.i live in New york,and well....................Hi!PM me back for theese questions K
Emperor Piccolo Majin Vegeta1990
Aug 24, 03 8:28pm
If I find something new I'll pm you ok? I do fake cheats even when I know their fake, just for fun! Cool avatar & banner! Cya!
SUPREME VEGETA Majin Vegeta1990
Aug 18, 03 2:16am
hey i thought i'd sign your guestbook you seem pretty cool.
Peek_a_buu Majin Vegeta1990
Aug 12, 03 10:20am
Very funny Majin Vegeta! I was on the edge of my seat when you said scroll down! Man!
So hope your thread goes well for the REAL last 3 characters!
Seeya man!

Peek_a_buu Majin Vegeta1990
Aug 11, 03 10:42am
Well let's hope your letter get's a reply.
(Though it was MY idea to send a letter...)
Just kidding dude! Good luck and MAKE SURE you tell us what they are when u get them!
young ki pyo Majin Vegeta1990
Aug 10, 03 11:51pm
Thanx! for signing my guest book.
I will help you too if you need...
only I need help on is the three last charters... If they exist.

well thanx anway
Peek_a_buu Majin Vegeta1990
Aug 04, 03 9:44am
Hi Majin Vegeta1990! I'm new to the member's site but hopefully we'll become Neofriends!

But for now all I have to say is
Buu-yeah! Buu-yeah! Buu-yeah!
Enth Majin Vegeta1990
Jul 31, 03 8:50pm
Cheers for signing ma guestbook my new neo buddy! I had a great birthday and I hope you did too!

I'll see you around in the forums. Peace out man! Stay cool!
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Jul 30, 03 6:41pm
hey, thanks for signing my guestbook. i see not many people have but you are one of the few so you should feel special!!! as a returning favour i will sign yours. see ya around neo.

all the best

Fido Dodo Majin Vegeta1990
Jul 25, 03 8:28pm
You signed my I'll sign yours!

I've seen you around The Writer's Lounge? Can't remember. oh well

Cya Round.

The Creator Majin Vegeta1990
Jul 25, 03 5:26am
Yes, I've seen you around too.... err.. lol.. at Writer's Lounger right? Well... never seen one of your works.. and I don't think you've read mine either... well, good to know you.. c ya...

As you did, darn those 120 charcter stuff!
ShadowVampire Majin Vegeta1990
Jul 25, 03 2:49am
you signed mine so i sign yours!
Hope to see you aroud? Maybe get chating more? Love Your avatar it rocks!
MegaDemon Majin Vegeta1990
Jul 25, 03 12:07am
Hello! Thanks for signing my guestbook, that was real nice! Vegeta rocks, keep up the power!!! See you around!! Go Vegeta! Go Vegeta!
j_o_s_h Majin Vegeta1990
Jul 24, 03 10:08pm
hey im j_o_s_h, and im a big fan of lsw and im a neo buddie of Bronze K., like you i know a lot about the game, well there it is an intro of myself, sign mine if your up to it
DarkLink Majin Vegeta1990
Jul 24, 03 9:53pm
Hey thanks for signing my guestbook. I've seen you around a few places too, but not very often.

Hope to see ya around!

Ultimate Gogeta Majin Vegeta1990
Jul 08, 03 8:24am
Sorry, i had to go somewhere yesterday and i totally forgot about your b'day, so uh.....if its ok i guess i'll say Happy Laye Birthday? hehe. Hope you enjoyed your b'dai.

Cya around.

Eureka Majin Vegeta1990
Jul 08, 03 6:29am
Hey, hello Majin Vegeta1990!!!! Happy Birthday!! You said that the 7th is your birthday, so I decided to sign you guestbook! Happy birthday! Here's your birthday present:

Okay, cya!
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Jul 08, 03 12:34am
Hello, I am just returning the favor!!!! You also said to sign you guestbook on the 7th because it was your B-Day. Anyway, Happy Birthday MajinVegeta1900! And don't eat too much birthday cake or you might
Cupcake Majin Vegeta1990
Jul 07, 03 11:04pm
you said sign your guestbook on the 7th and it is the 7th. so here you go.

p.s.sign my guestbook
your pal Cupcake
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Jul 02, 03 9:29pm
I saw my guestbook,was just messin around on NeoSeeker,and decided to sign a few people's guestbook's!Stay cool!C-ya around Neoseeker!
UltimateSonic Majin Vegeta1990
Jun 30, 03 5:42pm
Hello V, what's up dude?
I'd just thought it was nice to sign my friend's Booky again;)
So i did, but we should know each other better...
Well, gotta go, See ya arround buddy;)

*Dashes away with the speed of light*

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