ITrade Magnum69
Dec 14, 12 7:11am
Excellent transaction, Everything went smooth and Mag was helpful and freindly. Thanks,
loser24seven Magnum69
Dec 13, 12 10:09pm
Great seller smooth transaction would definitely buy again.
PrimeWingz Magnum69
Dec 13, 12 4:15pm
Really honest,professional and smooth supplier Ty got from him 1200 hp gonna get more
adjustedx Magnum69
Dec 13, 12 3:16pm
Bought 2000 HP, excellent communication, everything was great, would buy from again, recommended!
dsujo4362 Magnum69
Dec 12, 12 7:45pm
Got my stuff, legit seller
noah123 Magnum69
Oct 26, 12 10:56pm
Great buyer , hope we can trade again soon
GonnaGetIt Magnum69
Oct 21, 12 6:11pm
Safe and great to work with, hope to do more business with him in the future
RagePlayer2012 Magnum69
Oct 20, 12 4:29pm
Fast $38.50 payment for CW purchase.
kinggrux Magnum69
Oct 18, 12 12:20am
Sellers take note: Great buyer, genuine and honest. I sell to this guy even when I had 2-3 higher offers. Will place him as priority over others. Welcome to RoB, my friend