Hey everyone, we need more Gym Leaders in the NeoLeague! Apply today for the chance to run your very own Gym!! Just be sure to be active ;)

Hey all! With my recent discovery of Showdown's handy dandy replay feature, on top of several forward-minded ideas to sug

hey does anyone know what happened to the 'prefs' button that used to link to where you can change your CT and sig and whatnot?

Welcome, welcome! This is the return of the Make-A-Wish thread, originally born in the Heart Gold Forum and later brought her

http://i688.photobucket.com/albums/vv244/jf_jony/NeoSeeker/PokemonMovesetCompetition_zps60499bb8.png Introduction This

Hi! I think I've found my foothold in the game finally in my slim free time, so I built a new team based on what I've

im moderator of the strategy forum and got third place for most helpful strategist and dont think i was even in for most knowledgeable XD

_The Neoseeker StratDex Project_ As Strategy moderator, I am proud to announce that this Generation will mark our first fu

Hey! Welcome to the official Gen VI Early Discussion Thread; here, you can talk about whatever you want! So long as it's

i totally forgot ttar had a mega and it suddenly evolved when i wasnt looking at the screen and serebii's pixelated sprite for its mega is not accurate at all the real one is TERRIFYING

**comes to the party 15 minutes late** hey guys I brought chips Well here it is, I dove into the Gen VI scene as best I co

getting all the threads setup and ready for X/Y, who else is amped up for this?!
currently 2:30am on a school night and im watching a live stream of krewella debuting their new album im so pumped i cant even describe it
Update your status :redanger:

If anyone wants to talk to me outside of Neo, the only other online thing I really have is Tumblr, I'm magneticbacon on there so you can follow me if you like! It's mostly humor but Pokemon ends up on there fairly often haha
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