To just get the backstory out of the way, I broke my laptop and had my family desktop crash, but even once the latter was rep

And now for the experimental group, in which I post a diabolically schemed up team designed with utmost care as my sleep-depr

Alright here goes part one of my attempt to boost activity through some basic RMTs, and to sort of experiment with what kinds

And by my old playstyle, I mean the creativity I had and the trickery I used at the start of Gen V, only for it to eventually

Sinnoh Division Members: @vegeta rox@ _Roster: Sharpedo Sylveon Infernape

Hoenn Division Members: @Jhawk _Roster: _

Unova Division Members: @pokemaniac_Y _Roster: _

Sinnoh Division Members: @Diegofr12 _Roster: Greninja Sylveon C

New NeoLeague is going along great! Doesn't mean you can't still sign up though! I don't mind adding a division or two :3

Hi guys, I never really ladder because I usually play for kicks, and when I do try it usually doesn't go very well becaus

Hey everyone, we need more Gym Leaders in the NeoLeague! Apply today for the chance to run your very own Gym!! Just be sure to be active ;)

Hey all! With my recent discovery of Showdown's handy dandy replay feature, on top of several forward-minded ideas to sug

hey does anyone know what happened to the 'prefs' button that used to link to where you can change your CT and sig and whatnot?

Welcome, welcome! This is the return of the Make-A-Wish thread, originally born in the Heart Gold Forum and later brought her Introduction This

Hi! I think I've found my foothold in the game finally in my slim free time, so I built a new team based on what I've

im moderator of the strategy forum and got third place for most helpful strategist and dont think i was even in for most knowledgeable XD

_The Neoseeker StratDex Project_ As Strategy moderator, I am proud to announce that this Generation will mark our first fu

Hey! Welcome to the official Gen VI Early Discussion Thread; here, you can talk about whatever you want! So long as it's

i totally forgot ttar had a mega and it suddenly evolved when i wasnt looking at the screen and serebii's pixelated sprite for its mega is not accurate at all the real one is TERRIFYING
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