Oh well you see... Everything started with a big explosi-- Uh? Oh, did I go too far? Ah... Yeah... Right...

Well, to be born on the 91's, I'm quite the geek I'd say... You can say my computer are like my eyes, you touch it, and you're done for. Why? It's like an all-in-one package: I can watch movies and videos, see TV shows, design graphics, scan images, e-draw a little, chat with friends, program in Java and PLT Scheme (possibly LOLcode O_o), store infinities of information, write, surf the web, tell the time, use it as a calculator, a stop watch, a music player, an electronic teacher of sorts, play games, amongst some sort of things I attribute to this computer.

Neh heh, did anybody bothered on reading all that exaggeratedly long description? Guess not. Oh well... The point is, I like my computer.

Uh, apart from that... Hm... I guess there's not much to tell you about my horribly monotonous and dull life. Well, I'm currently on college, studying Computer Engineering. Not going to well, but here we go again.

Normally I have little to none personal hygiene. I shouldn't have said that... On more important issues, I actually look like an overly depressed anorexic guy, but I can assure you I'm not. I eat well, and hell, I even tend to overeat sweets, and I barely weight less than 55kg after eating! My weight problems will end there, so...

Ah... Gaming interests. I'm more a retro gamer. I do not have anything against new consoles, it's just that not everybody can afford them ¬_¬. Currently (re)playing:

--Digimon: Digital World
--Digimon World 3
--Final Fantasy VIII
--Yes, I know, I sound like quite the old man for being just 18, but meh.

I actually do not enjoy watch how people die, so I have to strike war based games off my list. everything else is acceptable. Yes, even survival horror. Well, yes, it sounds hypocrite, it's just that I don't like war games, happy now? I don't like:

--Video games about sports
--War games
--Racing/car games

One last thing before leaving technology at ease: Series watching.

I could actually see any show (unless it becomes utterly stupid or so). Oh, how much I loved Cow and Chicken; I learned to curse with that show ^_^.

Well, currently watching:

--Ghost Stories: WARNING: Do not watch the English dub unless you're willing to accept constant bashes and pokes against delicate terms like religion or sexual preferences. Well, UNLESS you've got an amazing sense of humor: watch the JAPANESE version with subs. DONE

--The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Well, not actually, I've finished wathcing it, but... Well, general intelligent fun for the willing people. Just don't watch if you're easily impressed by mild* sexual harassment. DONE

*Not guaranteed that the content will be mild.

--Shugo Chara! Yay, I love the series. For some reason, Miki seems so plushable, I feel like squeezing her (or him?) :)

--Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni: Haven't really seen it, but I'm intrigued by the mystery of a murder, so let's see how it turns out.

Uh... Music. Love almost everything. Lessee:

--Symphony X: Great band. Was it progressive metal? Eve of Seduction FTW

--Latin: A bit of it. Maybe Reik and Gloria Trevi that's all.

--Rock: I'm a mildy for that. Not sure which is my favorite.

--J music: Here and there when it catches my attention. Oh, love what they did with Ms. Elizabeth McGlynn and Your Rain. By the way, has anybody noticed how much Lucky Star's opening theme can stun people?

--Classic: Meh, not much, but oh well... Incidentally, have you heard about Beethoven's curse. It says that a ghost of a musician will play Für Elise 4 times for you. If you hear it 4 consecutive times, you're dead.

Let's take on art... Well, look at my avatar and signature and those are my digital image manipulation skills. By the way, it originally was the image of a cat. I'm a tad lazy, but when I take on a job, I just cannot stop until it becomes the most perfect I can make. I'm gonna take some drawing classes by the way, so it'll be okay if I fill my gallery with fanart of sorts.

Okey dokey... Oddities:

--My right hand is faster than my left hands. most typos I make are due to my right hand typing faster than my left one. Ex. is a common mistake.

--I hate taking pictures of myself. I find it utterly embarrassing.

--Chances are that I would prefer getting shot in the gut before reliving my last high school year.

--I only upload/save images in .gif format unless somehow I'm prevented from doing it.

--I still have my first teddy bear. It is a rabbit I named "bear". Don't ask. It's over my drawer, for your information.

--Out of boredom, I made a study: Out of 100 tries, 50 songs I played on Winamp (randomized FYI) are somehow linked to the Japanese culture. Guess why ¬_¬...

--I'm actually trying to learn Japanese. If you're reading this, please don't attempt it, unless you're willing to memorize 110 symbols to learn how to write as a first grader.

--I have fungi growing out of my lips. No joke, it looks like a red rash, and it makes my lips chappy and such. Sigh I hate saliva overflow :(

--I'm terrible at cooking. I once set the house on fire because of my terrrble cooking. It's no joke...

--Digimon was the first anime I've seen; aside from the horrible stigma that harasses people from Costa Rica: Dragon Ball/Z MUST be the first anime they've seen -Blame the endless re-runs of the seemingly only anime in the entire region-.

--I do not like Dragon Ball Z, aside from another stigma: They must at least have liked Dragon Ball/Z as kids...

--I suffer from visual snow. Have you seen that static-like images on TV? It's like having it burned on your eye every time you open your eyes in the morning, and it won't go away.

--I cannot dance, despite the s-- you know the rest ^_^.

--I've dropped out enough extracurricular activities to enter the Guinness Book. Well, almost, but, you get the idea.

--Touch my computer without my explicit, written permission and your fingers will be cut out one by one with a rusty chainsaw soaked in alcohol.

--My fingers curl up backwards. I wish I had a picture I could link to right now...

--I cannot handle hatred. I hate you, you'll know in two days max.

--I bought a guitar to learn how to play it. Guess where is it now... Maybe someday I'll try again.

--I am addicted to sweets, especially mint-flavored sweets. Once I taste a milligram of sweet, I'm out for more. Somebody said mint sterilizes, but I don't care.

--I actually saw every single death on A Nightmare on Elm Street without seeing the movie; I saw it five minutes after.

--My dependence on Salbutamol Sulphate actually prevents me from gaining any fat, let alone build up.

--I tend to doze off, even after waking up.


--Chou is Japanese for Butterfly, and it's pronounced Choh.

How lame, yeah, well, that's everything about useless facts. Have a good night.


Wow, haven't touched this are in quite the ages :notamused:. Not sure if smilies work here, but nobody will notice, so meh...

Lessee... So, I'm generally too lazy to do things, but when I do, I love to:

--Do some digital art (look at my banner / avatar combo)

--Write (but only when I feel like it)

--Listen to music

--Ah, retro gaming! No, really

--Anime shows, but only if I feel like seeing the series.

--NO TV for me :(. My TV broke up and it doesn't react...

--Dunno... Messing around with my computer a little bit.

Well... I think that's it.


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