Mad Keith shared a forum thread
Aug 04, 15 9:59pm

Like the Needle Pistol, or the Gauss Minigun. The weapon I really want to come back is the Winchester city Killer.

Mad Keith
Jul 22, 15 4:15am
Name Change my Previous name was Forsaker now it Mad Keith
Mad Keith shared a forum thread
Jun 04, 15 10:29pm

My two Favorite Punisher Series is _Thunderbolts_, and the _Greg Rucka_ run so what yours?

Mad Keith
Jun 03, 15 10:45pm
Fallout 4 is coming and my Body is very ready.
Mad Keith
May 31, 15 8:32pm
Where is the MadMax hype at?
Mad Keith
Jan 15, 15 6:42pm
Man the internet can be really weird sometimes even for me...
Mad Keith
Jan 07, 15 6:26pm
Happy Birthday to Me. :D
Mad Keith
Oct 29, 14 4:51pm
Looks like next year going to be a pretty good year for games.



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