Ghettomusick Machiko Shima
Oct 7, 06 5:45am
Matt Oliwa wears thongs! CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH!?!?!?!??!

burner92 Machiko Shima
May 22, 06 9:35am
here ya go (yes i know you arn't a star wars fan but i who cares)
Now sign back!
Rock3r_4_Life Machiko Shima
May 16, 06 9:18am
omg this thing never works with the stamp for me.... hope it works this time
Rock3r_4_Life Machiko Shima
May 16, 06 9:16am
yo antonio wassup man im so ya nutin to do[img]bored[/img]
Ghettomusick Machiko Shima
Feb 22, 06 8:40am
I know you will hate this for sure!

Vapour Snake Machiko Shima
Feb 14, 06 6:03pm
Happy Valentines Day

Hopefully everything went your way on this day. And maybe you even got lucky today. But that's none of business, any way have a great one.

Vapour Snake Machiko Shima
Jan 20, 06 9:50am
Hay thanks for the signing. I've also seen you around the MGS3 Snake Eater Forums alot. I've wanted to talk to you but i didn't know what to say.

Quick you will need some anti venom.
Dark Nova Machiko Shima
Dec 28, 05 8:46am
Whee! Random signing is fun! Don't forget to sign back!
Ghettomusick Machiko Shima
Oct 10, 05 10:16pm
Wow! I managed to make a new stamp! This is another Naruto stamp. I hope you'll like this one better than my last one. This time it's Sakura, guess who's next?

Hero of Wind Machiko Shima
Oct 10, 05 9:04am
got a new stamp, just beat ff:vii today! now i'm to busy playin radiatia stories! worship my stamp!
Ghettomusick Machiko Shima
Sep 17, 05 9:01am
I know I know. You're the better neoseeker so here's a hawt stamp. Like ZOMG!!!

black ied peas Machiko Shima
Aug 24, 05 12:56am
I heard it was your birthday and that you like Samurai Shamploo so heres a stamp^_^

Hope you like it and Happy Birthday!!!
SunnyDelight Machiko Shima
Aug 23, 05 6:01am
I Thought maybe you would like my stamp since I didn`t signed your GB yet so here`s my stamp. See you later.
Hero of Wind Machiko Shima
Aug 23, 05 1:35am
just made a new stamp just a few seconds ago, its ToS, s WORSHIP IT!
Ghettomusick Machiko Shima
Aug 18, 05 11:30pm
Right after I signed your guestbook I made a cooler stamp. PM me and tell me which one you like more! k?

If you will excuse me, I gots to get my tree fed.
Ghettomusick Machiko Shima
Aug 18, 05 12:31am
Thanks for showing me neoseeker! Anyways here is my 1st stamp!

See you around!
black ied peas Machiko Shima
Aug 17, 05 10:28pm
I thought you might like this stamp. Yeah it's kinda nooby but it is my first stamp.

Everybody likes jello!!!
Shadow Rue Machiko Shima
Aug 17, 05 10:01pm
Hey, thought I'd sign.

"Sweet lord, what the hell was Wily thinking with my hair?!"

Ghettomusick Machiko Shima
Aug 16, 05 11:26am
I'm working on a stamp ok! I couldn't wait any longer to sign you guest book!
Hero of Wind Machiko Shima
Aug 9, 05 12:41am
hey, i got a new stamp! its a kingdhom hearts one, its not that great, but hey!
burner92 Machiko Shima
Jul 23, 05 10:11am
sry for the late sighn but im working on a stamp as we speak so ill sighn agian later and thx for hookin me up with neoseeker u rock
Hero of Wind Machiko Shima
Jul 16, 05 1:48am
sup Machiko, sorry to sighn your guest book again, but i just got a new stamp! check it out!
QuizzyFan8 Machiko Shima
Jul 13, 05 3:24am
hey Quizzy here thanks for signing my guestbook i never knew you were a Quistis fan thats cool shes cool see ya around the SF AC forum

Segato Machiko Shima
Jul 10, 05 2:34am
hello, i finally made a stamp and im here to sign/stamp ur geustbook.

Gate Virus Machiko Shima
Jun 29, 05 2:02am
Its Gate Virus again. I just got my computer updated, so now i can input pictures. Heres one:

From your Neofriend,
Gate Virus, the Nightmare Master