dalkron Machienzo
Aug 4, 12 12:46am
Well, I'm signing your guestbook. Returning the favor mate.
Feb 6, 12 8:54am
thought id say hi
deltasun Machienzo
May 15, 11 12:01am
Hey Machi.This is my first time signing someone's guestbook.You get it because Arcliff and Xeros have somehow blocked their guestbook function.Here's a stamp.For being such an awesome Mod.Carry on,Machi
dalkron Machienzo
Apr 5, 11 7:22am
Uh so Machi please answer my question about guestbooks. (Is it okay if I call you Machi? Tell me if not.)And you don't have to sighn my guestbook.
dalkron Machienzo
Apr 5, 11 7:15am
Uh so Machi please answer my question about guestbooks. (Is it okay if I call you Machi? Tell me if not.)And you don't have to sighn my guestbook.
Resilience Machienzo
Jan 13, 11 7:01pm
Well, Machi. We've been through a lot since I came across the Fallout 3 Forum. With all the Roleplays, we've gotten to know each other better, and hopefully we can succeed in the project I talked to you about a while back about Fallout Roleplays. Well, that's about it. Time to go take some pain meds.
Intoxication Machienzo
Dec 25, 10 6:46pm
Hey Mach, thanks for all the help you've been giving me over the last few months. None of that coding would have been possible with you mate.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Thanks mate.

Marooned Chic Machienzo
Dec 20, 10 9:37am
Should talk more. I get to know you mainly through Adam.

But yeah, anyway, you're cool. Keep it up.

Happy birthday!
Wakaman Machienzo
Aug 5, 10 7:13am
waka waka,poptarts and all that......MP...... Giggidy.As you may be aware I am *different* and that's that.I'm just here cuz I feel random again also you seem like a great person to mess with.I'm a hardcore cuddlefish fan and that's all.
Aster1 Machienzo
Jul 30, 10 4:42pm
I need urgent you help =(
I have sent u a NeoPM cause of the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite OST. I need the Secret Song,i have send a link to the YouTube Video of the song in the NeoPM,too.
SGD Machienzo
Sep 12, 09 9:25pm
Just signing your guestbook, because I haven't for a while. I'd add some super-cool image to go with, however I'm still on dialup.
Ville_Valo Machienzo
Sep 11, 09 5:08pm
That's one nice stampy thing you've got there. And I can appreciate it all the more now that I'm back into MHFU
Thanks for the signing! Even if it was in April..
Ville_Valo Machienzo
Jun 14, 09 11:43pm
Lol, hist. Deleted.
Yeah apparently it'd been about 6 months since I checked my guestbook, so we're kind of in the same boat. Thanks for the signing. I never really sign people until they've signed me, I'm just not a GB kinda guy. Hence the lack of sig. Thanks though! Later
sten mk II Machienzo
May 28, 09 5:37pm
That symbol on "Big Boss's head" reads "Militaires Sans Frontieres" meaning "Soldiers without borders".

My opinion is, it means new world order aka one world government. That explains why it shows the picture of all the nations mixed into one body.

So it's most likely in the future, since the world isn't under a world order. Yet.

Faust Machienzo
Apr 23, 09 3:54pm

Man, i just noticed that you signed my book...so i thought i would return the favor. You're one of the best users on neo, and a true friend.
Zazomy Machienzo
Dec 11, 08 11:56am
Holy shit, I do believe this is the first time I've signed your guestbook, what a special occasion this is.

I think it deserves a special stamp, just for you.

GIMP is becoming simpler and simpler with every passing day, soon I'll be making images that are actually half decent.

C ya round!
sten mk II Machienzo
Oct 17, 08 12:20pm
I can't PM my abilities have been taken away... X_x

Long stories, I can only make a post a day.
I'm ok I guess, I basically hate my existence though. Sorry you had to see my post about my whining.
Synergized Machienzo
Mar 30, 08 2:42pm

Made by Trojanman.

Why hello there, fellow moderator.
DarkHound Machienzo
Mar 8, 08 3:39pm
Alright, now I'll try this out. Lets hope it works...

It works!
kuro kage kitsune Machienzo
Mar 8, 08 7:29am

sorry about not being honest before...

hopefully we can still be friends.

[last signing = epic fail]
KamZhiYii Machienzo
Jan 16, 08 4:40pm
decided to sign this for no reason at all, more than likely because i am bored.
well congratz on your promotion and hope you stay for a while.
no stamp thing from me cos i dont have one but anyway ill leave my name at the bottom just incase you forgot.

Twin_Master Machienzo
Dec 24, 07 2:00am
Signing spree, here you go my Brother!

Crave Machienzo
Sep 15, 07 9:42pm
Hey Conor! Hows things holding up for ya? Good to hear. Sorry I don't have a stamp for you! (I'm hopeless at graphics).
Sign Back!
Your friend,
Aug 1, 07 9:46am
gta rocks seen you aroud some times you seem cool yea nice avatr and i guess se you around
and good lucke on neo so by now yeah thats it
Synergized Machienzo
May 14, 07 3:15pm

Thanks for the Grand Theft Auto stamp!

P.S. - Slap Adam for me. kthxbai.