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Machienzo blogged
Dec 1, 09 4:52am

What a big day today in Tokyo. We had an amazing day yesterday. Where to begin?

Starting off the day at 7AM, we caught the Ginza Line Subway to the Dai-Hi (sp?) Hotel, where we had a Tokyo tour from 9AM-6PM around the city. The subway in Tokyo is extremely efficient. The trains are amazingly clean for a Subway. Windows are perfect (no grafitti or scratches), floor is completely void of litter. Something like thatyou'll probably never find elsewhere in the world.

Funnily enough, the entire tour group consisted of just my family (Adam, Father and Mother and myelf). So we practically had the entire tour and bus to ourselves. Our tour guide, Izumi-San, was a very nice lady who was a very enjoyable person and great guide; always complimenting us on returning to the bus (after an amount of free time exploring permitted) on-time, and I guess that doesn't happen often with large crowds. On the trip, we visited loads of places, gardens, palaces and took a ferry ride. Though I can't remember quite exactly where we went (I don't have the brochure on me at this time), it was an overally amazing experience. Unfortunately, no Mt. Fuji. It was raining and overcast at the time, and we couldn't see it at all. The trip went so well that it ended about 5PM. I think Izumi was pleased about that too, as she was prepared to have the bus driver stop us off where-ever we wanted. Feeling a need to do some shopping arond the city, we set off towards the great SONY building.

The entire building was around 7 floors, showcasing all the different Sony products on offer. Sone of them were way ahead of their time, such as camera which would auto-detect facial recognitions and automatically take a picture when it detected a smile. Another camera had special 'anti-shake' capabilities, which showcased just how well it handled against the shakiness of the human arm. The televisions (all great widescreen LCDs) had an amazing HD picture. Around the 6 floor came the SONY Shop Floor. Finding this to be the perfect oppurtunity to buy a new PSP battery, I asked at the counter. I bought 2 new 2200 mAh PSP batteries for both myself and Adam, at a nice \5,400.

Just when I thought that was enough for the day, we went to a larger Toy Store, of only 6 floors. At the 4th (There were 2 basement floors, so 4th was top) floor, guess what we found? yeah, that's right, MONSTER HUNTER. Oh, and a bit of METAL GEAR. I took as many pictures as possible, practically the entire section. Monster Hunter bags, towels, Poogie Bank, Felyne Plushies, Trading/Fighting Cards, Badges, Rinds, Jewellery, Action Figures, Weapon Figures, Monster Figures, T-Shirts, Posters, Jig-Saw Posters, the list goes on my friends. Imagine my surprise when I was told that my Mum was willing to buy an assortment of these as my Birthday and Christmas gift.

To list what we got:
  • Monster Hunter Action Figrue #1 - Silver Rathalos (Rare)
  • Monster Hunter Action Figrue #1 - Narga-Kuga
  • Monster Hunter Action Figrue #1 - Kut-Ku Pair (Both Original and Colour Variant)
  • Monster Hunter Action Figrue #3 - Khezu
  • Monster Hunter Action Figrue #3 - Red Shogun Ceanatuar
  • Monster Hunter Action Figrue #3 - Gravios
  • Monster Hunter Badges
  • 2x Monster Hunter Tri Poster
  • Monster Hunter Tri Insignia Keychain
  • Monster Hunter Carry Bag
  • Metal Gear Collection #2 KUBRIK - Old Snake (With Octocamo Facemask
  • Metal Gear Collection #2 KUBRIK - Solidus Snake
  • Metal Gear Collection #2 KUBRIK - Old Snake (Ultra Rare Crystal Version)
I think that is a pretty neat result. What I would have hoped for instead of Solidus would have been a PMC Soldier. The Khezu, Ceanatuar and Gravios all could have been a Ragiakurusu. Other than that, the turnout was pleasing.

Unfortuanately, the Narga-Kuga actually was missing part of it's tail (entire figure is seperated into 3 pieces) so Adam is currently trying to find a way to contact Capcom and get that missing piece. Wish him all the best, and maybe if you can, help him out too.

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Jun 26, 09 4:26pm
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Machienzo blogged
May 23, 09 1:32am

Oh wow, I just missed two days of blogging. What the hell is going on you might wonder? I'll try not to forget next time. So today so far has been quite interesting. As you may already know, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has finally had a demo released in America. Unfortunately for myself, I'll have to be waiting a few extra days for it to release to the rest of the world. Damn it, why do American's get things first? Well, at least we Australians don't get bogged down on quality. Here's an example you may find a bit trivial, but think back to Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. Americans got their game on time, and also had the opportunity of ordering the special edition version of it including the Secret theatre and other goodies, only if they pre-ordered it. Now Australia/Europe, had a delay in the release of their game. However, to compensate for this, they got the extra content regardless of how 'limited' it was for the US. A good deal in my opinion. Another example involving Metal Gear, MGS4. Notice the differences in the quality of the Boxart in comparison to the Japan, US and Europe? My thoughts would be on how terrible the US version looks. I would much rather prefer the nice Yoji Shinkawa Artwork.

Oh, I also got Operation Anchorage to work on Fallout 3. At the same time I tried to install The Pitt. Unfortunately, on my way to Bailey's Crossroads, I encountered some Raiders and used VATs on them. The game suddenly froze and I had to restart. Seems that with The Pitt, things like that can happen. So I had to uninstall it and now I'm afraid of using VATs again. Well, actually I got over it after successfully managing to get stuck into the Anchorage Simulation, but now I'm scared that The Pitt will screw up my game now. :(

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Machienzo blogged
Jan 25, 09 6:56am

If you believe God has some miracles, you wonder if Satan has a few tricks up his sleeve too...

So I just wanted to give people a little insight into my job as a casual Call Centre Employee for Pizza Hut Australia. I do the whole "Welcome to Pizza Hut! Will that be a Delivery or Pickup today?" routine. I do (as you would) get the odd customer who has no idea what they want, or feels it right to smartass the operator when something doesn't go their way. Sad to say, that's life. I do have a few certain questions though, in relation to customers and my job. Why do customers always need to have the last say on the phone? For example, they try to end the call with a "Bye", so I reply with a "Bye", in which they again reply with a "Bye". I mean, what is so important with having the last say? Oh, don't get confused, I'm only trying to do the same just to piss that person off, as well as test out that little theory. And another thing, why would someone call up a store and then ask what is on our menu? I've gotten plenty of people who have no idea what they want. Sure, they want Pizza, but would it kill them to look at a menu, even online? Lastly, probably the most annoying of all, are those instances where the customer has ordered their meal and automatically expects to get discounted regardless of whether or not they have a coupon for such. People tend to flip out when they hear their meal is roughly twice what they were expecting to pay. They then soon start to whine and complain (not that that does much) and then finally realise that they really haven't mentioned anything at all about having a coupon with them (this being the case of people who actually DO have a coupon). Others just accept it. Then there are those really strange people who say that there are store specials which discount the pizzas. They don't tend to realise that these things should be taken up with the store, and not the call centre. Half the time people think they're calling up the actual Pizza Hut store directly anyway, which seems pretty stupid. I can't see myself doing that job for much longer, and I will definitely be quitting by the time football season starts and I can get back to Refereeing.

I've also been talking in my Forum (Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (PSP) about having an MHF2 Forum Exclusive raffle. Just like the NeoRaffle, it will work in the same way, except that there might be a restriction on sending out real items to other people (which might lead to trouble). However, there can be no limit to what can be on offer, and at the moment, I have ideas for a number of items including (but not limited to) wallpapers, avatars, banners, videos, pictures, artwork, fanfic opportunities, special threads, special privileges, soundtracks, sound-effects, interviews and so on. Ideas would be great and feedback too would be appreciated.

Machi's Pick of the Week

A while back, I made a User Review for the Japanese Version of the game, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. Oh yeah, I'm sure your thinking that it is only natural that a Monster Hunter Forum Mod will like a Monster Hunter game. While at the moment there are no new additions to the English version of the game while compared to the Japanese version, I felt it completely fine to edit the Review so it said 'Freedom Unite' instead of 'Portable 2nd G'. Seeing as the forum also got a name change, it seems to blend in well now. Here is that review, which practically does the "Machi's Pick of the Week" already.

quote Excellent Expansion - United
It was never imagined that another game would be able to overcome Monster Hunter Freedom 2, until now. Unlike what you'd expect with such an excellent quality game, there are no copycat series which can live up to the image, that is Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 has finally met its match however, with its expansion version, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. This new, while separate game, is essentially a Monster Hunter Freedom 2 game itself, only comprehensively expanded to accommodate ten-fold of what its predecessor contained. Not only does this make the game exceptionally better, but outperforming what was once thought a game of 'perfection'. While other game industries and critics may think that Monster Hunter Freedom Unite lacks in certain aspects, that is not the case in the world of demand. Demand for a game of high-class is something to be admired by other gaming companies. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite sees itself as one of the most popular Playstation Portable games in Japan, ever. Selling more than 1 million copies in less than a week (in Japan only) is definitely something to note Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on and it's worthiness among gamers.

The combat system is still the same as it was in previous games. Your player is dropped of in a location and using the weapon and armour they choose to begin the mission with, are pitted against a monster in which they are to seek out within another area of that location. You main goal is usually either killing that main monster or gathering a number of certain items, found specifically in that area. Unlike the usual hack and slash games, players use a lot of strategic thinking when fighting. Should yo choose to either attack the monster head on, or use distractions to support your battle such as pitfall traps or flash bombs to stun your enemy. In the end, if the main monster is slain, you can 'carve' items from the fallen monster in order to obtain materials to help create and improve stronger armour and weapons.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has thousands of new additions, all of which are welcomed with open arms by players. The addition of new missions certainly increases replayability, while tons of new monsters are exceptionally brilliant. Monsters from another game of the series, the ever popular PC game Monster Hunter Frontier®, have been introduced. Queen Vespoid, Volganos, Hypnock, Ucamulbas, Yamatsukami and the game's (MHP2G) flagship featured, Narugakaruga. There is also the addition of newly coloured or breed monsters of the previous game, which include a new Daimyo Hermitaur, a Red Shogun Ceanataur, a green Congalala and a Desert Blangonga. These slightly different coloured monsters which are supposedly stronger, and much more varied in their attacks.

New maps include the memorable Rainforest "Ocean of Trees" area from Monster Hunter Frontier®. A slightly surprising addition is of Generation 1 maps. These are the maps featured on the previous generation of Monster Hunter games, Monster Hunter® and Monster Hunter Freedom®. Exactly how you remember, the Desert, Swamp, Jungle and Volcano remain in their untouched, beautiful environment, image.

With the new Monsters, you can expect to see the obvious, new items, new weapons and new pieces of armour. Along with this, another Sharpness setting (Purple) is available as well as another Armour Crystal to improve your armours defence even higher! Not stopping there, weapons also have yet another upgrade to them, allowing another increase in attacking power.

One of the best additions to the game is the remarkable ability to have a Felyne Warrior Companion alongside your quest. One which you can specifically hand pick from the Feylne Agent outside your house, or even a Felyne you already know working as a Chef in your kitchen. This Felyne can train and help you in your quests with as much ability and intellect as any other hunter would have. Your Felyne, by command, can gather items and attack monsters and even provide you with support in tough situations. This may be healing you or even hitting you to revive you from a 'knocked-out' state, which is very helpful in lonely situations. The implementation of a Felyne Warrior is enjoyable for those without the ability to connect to others who have the game. As stated, they are essentially a companion for a lone hunter, which also gives a sense of trust, companionship and even dependability within the player.

With new missions added, a new 'Quest giver', the Yellow Lady in the Gathering Hall, allows even higher Hunter Ranks obtainable. The highest is currently HR9, compared to the previous HR7. This means that new missions for HR8 & 9 are significantly harder and label 'Real G-Rank Missions'. These missions, instead of containing only 1 monster to defeat, contains 3 monsters of exceptional ability, which you must beat one by one and defeat all 3 in order to successfully complete the quest. These should prove a challenge to even the most experienced hunter.

Summarising the past paragraphs in a statement to determine whether or not this game is worth adding to your collection, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is a game of magnificent standards. Magnificent being almost perfection. It would be biased to call a game perfect, but Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is so tempting to be ranked such.

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Dec 13, 08 10:08am
An expansion on Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Now you get more weapons, new monsters and can even have a Felyne Warrior Companion. MonsterHunterFreedomUniteForiOS
Apr 14, 08 11:06am

It was never imagined that another game would be able to overcome Monster Hunter...

Apr 7, 08 4:34pm
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Machienzo blogged
Nov 30, -1 12:00am

For only 3 days in Kyoto, we've found a surprising number of Monster Hunter memorabilia. Our first glimpse of the Monster Hunter Products happened to be the Nachos I mentioned earlier. These were conveniently at a small 24hr shop across the road. Needless to mention, Adam (TM) plans on keeping the packaging.

After locating the local bookstore, obviously our intentions where clear. Find any and every bit of Monster Hunter on the shelves. Sure enough, we hit the jackpot. I counted at least 6 different Monster Hunter books, and some weren't even Guide Books. To the best of my memory, there was a "Monster Hunter" Official Guidebook, "Monster Hunter G (Wii)" Official Guide Book, "Monster Hunter G (PS2)" Guide Book (Not the lack of 'Official'), "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd" Official Guide Book, and a set of children's books. Much like the classic tales you'd find in your bookstore, these ones were directed at toddlers, outlining mini adventures of Poogie and Felynes/Melynxs.

After that, we had been interested in checking out the local Electronics Store. The store, "BIC Camera' had a amazingly huge amount of products, and basically everything we wanted from Australia, was here in the store, at much lower prices. PSP batteries, yep. Memory Sticks. And you guessed it, an entire row of Monster Hunter stuff. Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) was selling at around $33. There was also decorations for your Wii Console and an assortment of books.

There were so many things to list in terms of literature, Monster Hunter related. I'll do my best to list everything. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera on me at the time (facepalm).
  • "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G" Official Guidebook (see above)
  • "Monster Hunter 3 (Tri)" Notebook (A Hunter's Notebook)
  • "Monster Hunter 3 (Tri)" Weapons Guide (Small notebook dedicated to Weapons)
  • "Monster Hunter 3 (Tri)" Items Guide (Small Notebook dedicated to Items)
  • "Monster Hunter 3 (Tri)" Monster Compendium (Small Notebook Dedicated to Monsters)
  • "Monster Hunter 3 (Tri)" Armour Guide (Small Notebook Dedicated to Armour)
That's all I can remember off the top of my head. I think there might have been one about areas too, but I can't be too sure. The MHP2G was around 2100 Yen. The Notebook 700 Yen. And the Small notebook guides around 500 Yen each.

So, what can you guess I got out of all these items listed? Oh, let me list them.
  • Monster Hunter Portable 2
  • Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G
  • An unofficial guidebook for Monster Hunter 3 (tri)
Mind you, they are exceptionally heavy and thick. About a bit thicker than your average bible. Also, by sheer luck, I attempted to buy the MH3 Notebook too, but the clerk advised me that you had to actually write in it, or something. He then, to my shock, pulled out the OFFICIAL Monster Hunter 3 (tri) guidebook. Needless to say, I was jumping over the counter to grab that book out of his hands. I'm pretty happy with my now, heavy collection of 4 'bible' sized guidebooks.

But wait, that's not all. After a year of waiting, Adam and I finally got some new memory sticks. 8GBs, for around 5400 Yen each. This is roughly $30 AUD cheaper than what they sell back home. So all in all, it was a great deal. I think after all that, we've spent a bit much, and we haven't even gotten to Tokyo yet.

Lastly, one final note. I've an important question to ask. PSP batteries. When attempting to buy one for my PSP-1000 (Phat) Australian, the store clerk assured me that a Japanese 2200mHa battery would not work with my PSP. Although I couldn't verify this with my PSP, I would like to know if that is the case. Would a foreign (BUT official Sony product) battery, work on my Australian Phat PSP? I'll have to forgo the opportunity in Japan, BUT in America I will probably attempt to get one again. Would the American version (but Sony still) battery work? Thanks all, and keep reading.

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