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Feb 28, 11 7:16am

The 'List' and Why

Like many people, I myself happen to have my own set of pet peeves. Things that seem insignificant to others, annoy the hell out of me and put me to my wit's end. I've always felt like converting my mental 'top-list' into words, but never seem to find the time. Procrastination is a terrible thing, isn't it? Well, anyway, in no particular order, here are my top 5 pet peeves. I'll try to explain them as best I can, so you know how NOT to piss me off (just kidding!).

Text Speak (SMS Language) in Real Life

If you're on the internet right now, and you don't know what 'Text Speak' is, then you've been living under a rock and reading from websites from over 20 years ago. I'm fine with people saying "Lol", "Rofl" and swapping a "for" and "to/too" for a 4 and 2, but when people tend to use this in actual conversations (as in face to face), THEN it becomes a problem. There must be at least one person you've met, that for some unknown reason has never developed the ability to actually laugh; instead finishing off humour by actually saying the word "lol". As if laughing was against human nature, they'll just stand there like an idiot with their "lols and rofls" while most of the socially-acceptable people take in a moment of awkwardness before trying to brush them aside like an unwanted leech. This also extends partially to things like emails; where people don't need to abbreviate. If you're writing an email, you HAVE the time to type out the words properly.

Systems that Announce Themselves

Nearly every form of multimedia are plagued with technology that have to announce themselves; sometimes repeatedly. "System critical in three minutes... System critical in three minutes... (Repeat as necessary)". This was actually brought to my attention recently when I was playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. Where Batman enters his 'batcave', we hear the incredibly annoying automated voice that had to list every stupid thing happening. Facial identification successful, doors opening, security measures disabling; yes, I *bleep*ING get it already! Every time something like this happens in movies, my internal scoring drops down a digit. Firstly, it's annoyingly repetitive, and secondly it treats the viewer like an idiot. So there's a lot of flashing lights, a screen is showing a warning, people are screaming but no, we STILL don't get it do we? We're met with a monotone voice (usually woman) droning on about the imminent destruction that will surely come. You NEVER EVER EVER get this in real life. EVER!


I'm a student. That's where I'm pulling this peeve from. Every class just has to have that brainwave who has the answer to every question, and the question to every comment. They're smart and they know it; so they're arrogant most of the time. They'll sneer down at you, over-analyse situations, and try to point out any and every flaw in your reasoning or discussions.

Other Drivers

I'll keep this intentionally broad. I drive, but I'm not really a 'car' kind of person. It's a set of wheels that gets me from A to B. That's it. I drive like any person would; at least how you'd expect most people to drive. I make sure I drive at the speed limit; I-kid-you-not that I am a partial speed-freak at times, but I never go over the limit intentionally. This brings me to what really pisses me off. In regards to 'other drivers', why is it that people have to drive at least 10KPH faster than me. Why, only just a few days ago I was on a small roadtrip back home, minding my own business on a single-lane road (Two lanes; one for each direction of traffic) driving exactly on the speed-limit (I was being cautioned by my passenger every time I went over), and some asshole decided to tailgate me for several minutes before overtaking INTO oncoming traffic. People can be so impatient, and risk their lives for a few extra minutes off the road. I wasn't even doing anything wrong, but when that driver decided to swipe past me, I was insulted.

I also hate multi-taskers. I've seen people on the phone, eating, smoking, even READING while driving in especially busy sections of traffic. I find the time to give them the evil-eye, or simply yell my disgust at them (sure, they can't hear me with my windows rolled up, but it helps). The reason this concerns me as much as it does, is because it endangers my life as well. Admit it; you don't want to be the collateral damage as a result of another person's idiocy.


Yes, Deception. Hell, no I'm kidding. He's what I hope considers me, a good friend. Anyway...

This is by far, the biggest pet peeve of them all. I see it every day, and it is what annoys the complete and utter *bleep* out of me. I mostly see it with either piracy or advertising.

With piracy for example, I see so many videos from youtube or messages from anonymous boards of people 'claiming' to have say a keygen for a DLC or program. Who knows, you may be looking for some music, looking for a game, or looking for something, I don't know. You find a site that says "download this exe file to get your [insert prize here]". Half of the time, it's plain obvious it's a scam from the get-go; that your supposed gold is riddled with trojans. It's still just as painful when you go on youtube to find all these videos of 'free keygens. I scroll through the comments, and surprisingly enough 9/10 are from FAKE accounts thanking the uploader for their work, while the rest are scratching their heads and wondering what went wrong for them. Using a little investigative work, every one of these 'approval accounts' are mass spammers who happen to falsely validate every video out there offering supposed legitimate downloading, and most of the time their channels are littered with disgusted users who see through their lies and deception.

Advertising is the other side of this jagged sword. It's everywhere and it's deceiving as hell. You'll see a banner off to the side, with an image and unbelievable offer. If you do happen to click on it, BAM, pop-up, redirection and... NOT WHAT YOU WERE EXPECTING. Even the use of sexual content in ads (Good example being Evony, which was a complete scam). This can be everything, and usually is. Not that I'm stupid enough to click on them, but it's incredibly ballsy when I see a stock image I KNOW from elsewhere, being used to as the main selling-point. Don't lie to me. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

Okay, well that's it for now. I think I've rattled on long enough. Post what you want in the comments. I'll listen.

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Al The Killer Mar 1, 11
What was so bad about Evony?
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Machienzo Mar 1, 11
It's not the game, it's the fact that they purposefully deceive you with all those eye-catching advertisements, which are clearly deceptive (as in they're absolutely nothing in relation to the actual gameplay). Plus, apparently the game has been the source of a few scams. The game itself that is.
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Al The Killer Mar 1, 11
Oh, no scantily clad women calling me Lod and telling me to build? Bummer.
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Redemption Mar 6, 11
We try to ban all those Evony ads, they feel like a scam more than an ad for a game. You know how some games use sex to sell the title with female characters? Evony does it with those weird ad "spokeswomen" who have nothing to do with the game, and aren't even wearing something remotely related to the game.
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Wakaman Mar 12, 11
I know whacha mean,goddamn bish sent me a pm once saying I seemed interesting and she wanted to get to know me,sent me her email and shit.I enterwd the email in the google search and BLAMO!!! Goddamn whore who actually makes mentally defective jackasses give her money,damn scam.
I was prolly 12 minutes as a new member
Another,I got an email from some,I thought well can't hurt to chat a bit with some intelligent life for a change.Turns out,its an "adult" site,pissed me off like no tomorrow.After I joined,the turned into,seriously.
I hate douche emails and scammers so I know whacha mean Machi.
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Machienzo Mar 13, 11
Yep. I hate getting spam NeoPMs.
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Deception Mar 14, 11
Man i wish you guys could see the look on my face when I saw Deception as one of them