Mac N Cheez blogged
Jun 10, 09 12:09am

As some of you read in my previous blog post, I got a Neo-GF, IceQueen. Well, I just asked her to Neo-marry me and she said yes! =D I'll admit that I was pretty nervous she would say no, but I was overjoyed when I read her response! =D

Kelsey, if you're reading this, I want to thank you for making me the happiest man alive. I love you. ^^

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Mac N Cheez blogged
Jun 1, 09 4:09am

That's right, everybody! Mac N Cheez finally has a Neo-GF! Her name is IceQueen, and if you don't know her, then you should! She's possibly the nicest, sweetest, funniest, prettiest, and greatest girl on Neo! Even though I don't think I deserve her, I'll treat her as good as I possibly can! I love you, Kelsey! ^^

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Mac N Cheez blogged
May 11, 09 4:59am

For some reason, neither Dark Wolf nor PhantomRider have put up the fact that they're getting Neo-married next weekend! I just wanted to post my happiness for the two of them, and my sincere hope that they enjoy being Neo-married! ^^
Not only that, but I am also psyched about this event because I get to be the priest! ^^ Nobody has ever let me be part of a Neo-wedding (jerks), so I am excited, indeed!
Anyway, congrats, Lexie and Mark. I hope you enjoy your Neo-life together! ^^

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Mac N Cheez blogged
May 4, 09 4:03am

OMG, guys. You won't believe what happened to me earlier today. It started off as a normal day, then the strangest thing just went through my mind. I started thinking, "What if I were to post a blog entry that looks interesting, but really isn't?" So, I went to Neoseeker and posted this pointless blog entry that you are now reading. Gotcha. ;P

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