Really looking forward to this. Just hoping the long wait is because they are taking the time to... read more

Oh man this is sexy no matter how you look at it. I dont care who makes the CPU (I am no loyalist) I only care who... read more

We pay over $100 for activison games where I am - and I have to say f*ck that! No wonder this clown wants to raise... read more

Wow - That is just perverse, they make some great games but imagine what they could do if even half of that salary... read more

Hmmm, another game 'spin off' movie - I think ol' Bergy might just pull it off but I remain a tad sceptical... Hope... read more

Think that bio computing is the way of the future. The limitations of the transistor method is becoming apparent now... read more

Oh god I want this now - I might try to freeze my self (like Cartman on southpark when he was waitin for nintendo... read more

OMG - either way I cannot wait for this! RTCW is still one of my all time favorite games so am fizzing at the arse... read more

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