Thanks for stopping by my page! My name is Michael, and I'm a start-up freelance writer looking to work in the gaming industry. I am currently in the process of building a portfolio, as well as finishing my B.A. in English Literature. Needless to say, I love to read and write. If you have any small scale projects that need a writer, I would be happy to provide you with some samples of my work.

I love video games, of course! My other hobbies include languages (currently learning German) and bike riding. I work as a waiter at Chili's on the side, which is a great source of income for my hobbies.

I've been stuck in the rut known as "World of Warcraft" for several years now, but I recently signed up for a Gamefly account and am excited to rejoin the world of console gaming. I have a PS3, Xbox 360 and a Wii.


Favorite games? There's too many to list. I have enjoyed the Final Fantasy series since it's inception, and generally love RPGs. Honestly, however, any game with a great story line will catch my attention.
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Review: Final Fantasy XIII - A New Final Fantasy with Old Charm

Jun 8, 2012

As a role playing powerhouse franchise, Square Enix is put under heavy expectation by fans upon the release of every new Final Fantasy title. Final Fantasy XIII is no different, and it overall it doesn't disappoint. With stunning graphics, a...

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