stato MJHcycle
May 17, 07 2:42am
I would like to apologise for the ECW stuff in mine & Westy's diary. Due to the frce I've decided to sign everyone's guestbook as an apology. Please accept this stamp as the apology

THE619 MJHcycle
Dec 30, 06 2:52am
hi hih ih hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi histupid 125 charecter minumum!

Sign back for my name is
Candersen MJHcycle
Dec 16, 06 9:02pm
thanks for signing mine.

heres a stamp

cya later
Punk100 MJHcycle
Nov 02, 06 4:02am
sup man!!!!! "just let it fly"(sign my guest book)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!