I joined Neoseeker about 2 weeks after my birthday in 2006. I'd been posting as a guest for a while but I decided to join Neoseeker as I couldn't post in the Wrestling Forum as a guest.

My first warning was in the Wrestling Forum after I posted spoilers for that weeks Smackdown! without quoting and making them white. I got told off by many members before some random dude stuck up for me and said something like "he's new. He might not know how things work around here".

The Shape opened up a Roleplay in the SDvRAW2007 Forum in September 2006 and I was quick to join as Finlay. When Shape opened the RP Thread, I hadn't a clue what I was doing. I posted an RP, which was hurrendous when I think back, where Finlay attacked Stone Cold Steve Austin (RP'ed by stato). The feud suddenly turned into an 8 man story with Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Finlay and King Booker .v. Steve Austin, Rob Van Dam, Rhyno and The Rock. It ended in an 8 man tag team match resulting in a Team Austin win, thus resulting in the firing of Vince McMahon.

I went on to have minimal success in NWO, only getting 2 major feuds with crazycult. My first was a weird one, as Finlay and MVP (crazy) were tag team partners going into Survivor Series, but we kept attacking each other and costing each other matches. After Survivor Series, crazycult left NWO and I was left as a singles star once again.

Just before Armageddon, I entered a 3 week long feud with The Ministry of Darkness (Kane, Trish Stratus, Bobby Lashley and Shane McMahon). I defeated Shane 2 weeks before Armageddon, and Lashley the week before. I then became Intercontinental Champion at Armageddon by defeating Bobby Lashley once again.

This title reign went in the NWO History books as the shortest title reign in the company. 4 days I held the belt before losing it to Raven. After losing the belt, I abandoned Hornswoggle (or Little Bastard as he was known then) and took Dean Malenko and Dennis "Mideon" Knight as managers. I became a group known as "The Veterans". Crazycult would return under a new username, MercuryNitroMelina, as Johnny Nitro with Melina. I had a tremendous feud with him leading up to The Royal Rumble, but it was cut short after an argument between Static Puzzle and MNM. MNM quit once again and I dropped the Finlay character.

I decided I wanted a challenge, so began RPing as The Great Khali. I entered The Royal Rumble at Number 10, and was eliminated 20th. After The Royal Rumble, I entered a short feud with TheCrippler and WholeDamShow who were RPing as Kane and Undertaker respectively. After I lost to them 3 weeks in a row, I realised Khali wasn't working for me. I dropped him and NWO closed down due to inactivity by most members.

I was told by The Shape, Slim Jim and many others to try it out in TWE. I thought I would get slaughtered over there, but I didn't. I had a 6 week undefeated streak, beating the likes of Jaffers, Triple 7 and more. It ended at the hands of jaffers on Outbreak.

I am also the Owner of NCW, the follow up of NWO, in the SDvRAW07 Forum. It has been successful so far, and hopefully will remain successful for months to come.

That's my Neo Life so far, lets hope it lasts many more great years!


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