Found Neo looking for video's about Destroy All Humans! 2. Saw the forums and became a guest. When I wanted to post in the Football Forum, I needed to register so I did.

My notable Neo Friends:

UltraBob102: Me and him made the destroy all humans forum great. He was a good friend during that time.

Mac Daddy: A friend from the Legened of Zelda Twilight Princess GC forum we are the two main judges on the TP letter game thread.

The 2nd Doctor: Likes doctor who like me. I met him in the General wii forum when it had just begun we were freinds then.

Darnit: The real spam lord. I met this guy in the Simpsons Hit and Run forum. We created good threads. Now we know eachother from loungin where he is the real spam lord.

ConkerASkyJockey06 aka Foo: Origanally met him in the SSBB forum but know him from loungin, LOZ TP wii and SMG as well.

Lord Krazi: A newcommer, I talk to him a lot on the LOZ TP forum where I met him. One of my newest friends.

MindlessPie: A crazy person I saw in the LOZ TP forum but met in the SSBB forum. Crazy and creepy and dangerous combination.

Jedi Amanda: Know her from 2 forums. Met in the LOZ TP forum (are you seeing a patten) she was nice and friendly when I got there. An intresting person.

Criscrazy: My first friend on the LOZ TP forum. He was nice to me but we first met guessing in a quiz. A nice guy to talk to once in awhile, intresting. We like simlar things. Like GOW and GOWII

Jaw Knee: A MindlessPie V2. This guy is crazy, Funny and intresting. I met him on the LOZ TP forum. He recently has been making an amazing story in the LOZ TP forum, which I am in.

TwilightPrince: My favourite mod. I met him in the, yes you guessed it, LOZ TP forum. He is friendly and intresting, I have seen him in the MP3:C forum and the SMG forum as well.

AdamHill: I have known him since he first came to neo as a guest in th DAH 2 forum. I mainly know him now from the SSBB forum and Loungin. 99% of my PM's are from him. Intresting to talk to and we are always debating things.


Many Many Things. To many to list to be honest.


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