I'm 15. I'm a girl. All of my best friends like video games. I want neofriends. Petz r awsome, I luv that game alot! I luv pm! I am in dance!!


I love dogz5! My fav game is DOGZ5 and Catz4, I really want catz5 for my sweet sixteen!My fav tv show is Hogan's Heroes ,ps it is really old. Wach it on youtube!I have nintendogs named after them. By the way it is a commedy on WWII. I luv my dog Buel more than my WII and ds! I got a Wii for xmas and I am looking for happy games. I also have GBA and GBC and a blue sp. I love video games!I have 3 packs of nintendogs.
Boy-b Girl-g
Schultz: golden lite b
Dawson: German Shepard dark b
Hogan:German Shepard medium b
Carter : chihauhau brown b
Helga: corgi brown g
Vener: sheepdog black b
Klink: dali 2 black ears b*****that"s purple
Luster: kc brown g
Pepper: dashund black-brown b
Fizz: pug pale g
Jack: lab yellow b
Jackie: beagle no white face-brown g
Jammie: boxer brown b
Spike: dalimation spots-small eyes b
Kelev: lab black b * that's red
Trusty: poodle black b
Ilian: jack russle white stripe straight g
Midnite: shituz black g
Prinses: pug medium g
BlueBel: red shiba g
Duff: kc blonde-white g
Vostok: husky grey g
Jake: kc black b * that's blue
Chien:brown lab g
Chloe: chuahuahau white unfluffy g
Candy: black scnauzer g
BonBon: grey scnauzer g


How do I back up windows vista home basic? Plz pm me!
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