Why do our minds trick us? Make us see things that are not? Let us here things that could not be? Why does it let us think? Why does it let us live? It's all so confusing, and puzzling isn't it? Enough questions though. I believe that the brain sees farther then any eye can. With this "sight" it allows us to insight, and understand things we cannot touch or see or even smell. And then the dimensions come into play, and that just might mean that the brain is the gap between our dimension, and other dimensions. So maybe when you see or hear something that cannot be maybe that is a correlation between our dimension, and another dimension. Well that's something for you to think about ain't it.

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Rome Aug 5, 09
Nah, the brain receives information from the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and dermal nerve endings. Everything we understand and perceive is relative to this world, our own environment, our own existence, and to the passage of time.
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Lyonnais Aug 6, 09
Or is that what it wants us to think?
For all we know their could be a failsafe in the brain that can't be detected by our level of technology yet, and when it dies it kills itself like a platypus. And not to mention that the brain does things unexpected that we aren't always aware about.

But still nice post, and you very much could be right in fact i'll go as far to say as 99% right, as theirs always that little chance that we can't throw away.
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