Jul 23, 12 7:58pm
One of the greatest games I've played in a while. DeusExHumanRevolution
Lyokomzm blogged
Oct 5, 11 12:48am

Bonjour, this is Lyokomzm, and I would like to inform you that my clan has begun making youtube videos (mostly Call of Duty gameplay commentaries)so find us on youtube at

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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Lyokomzm blogged
Aug 21, 11 10:20pm

Hello everyone, This is Lyo here.

This is my first ever blog so Give me some slack in your crude criticism.

So earlier this week was having a buy the game get one copy free sale and one of my friends decided to give me the extra (THANK YOU!!!!)

At first I started my single player and died several times. All while imaging every word of profanity I've learned as a high schooler.

However, after deciding that I wanted a house built into the side of a hill next to my spawn, I realized that I could design just about anything I could imagine. (I'm slowly learning the limits but also finding new techniques)

I began by building my house and a small basement, then went on to add on to the basement, add a second floor to my crude house, and build a tree house while i was on a roll!

I then started playing with my two friends on the server we made. After doing a lot of building on it I actually fell in love with this game. If you would like an invitation to the wedding let me know.

Now fast-forwarding to yesterday....

I decided that I wanted to build a lighthouse on my single player account, so I began building on the beach across from my home. After a ruff start getting the basic structure, I began going higher and higher. Once I built the first floor I realized that one torch wouldn't be bright enough so I began on a second floor. This second floor had a grand total of 8 torches, but I was over come by greed and wanted more light so i built a glass container on the very top of my lighthouse, and then proceeded to fill it with lava.

Now as I look at the bright light emitted at night, while standing really far away with my render settings on far, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

But of course I plan to build bigger, better, and blockier...

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Aug 5, 11 4:48am
School is in less than a week, and i still have to do a lot of summer work. Gonna be a fun weekend...
Jun 2, 11 12:10am
Next 2 weeks will be great! No school, New season of Eureka, PS Store comes back online, E3 2011, and new Code Lyoko has been announced!!!!
May 30, 11 7:32pm
Hope Playstation Store comes back up tommorow...
May 20, 11 1:05am
After getting my first prestige on Black Ops, i feel the PSN chaos has met its own redemption.
May 8, 11 5:57pm
When will PSN return to us???
Apr 25, 11 3:41am
I wish PSN would come back online...


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