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Apparently I am a pirate.
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Lynxx blogged
Aug 07, 10 2:12am

    Hey there, I finally decided to start a blog, yay :D

    Anyways, while playing Pokemon games, I've noticed many cool coincidences, so I decided to document them in my blog, I have no other use for it. :/

    If you read the title, you'll see it says Part 1, that's cos I can't remember if there's an edit button or not :/

    Anyway, here are some interesting things about the names of Pokemon.

    A simple one that everyone should know first off, Ekans is Snake backwards.
    Similarly, Arbok is Kobra backwards.
    In the Anime, if you pay attention, you can notice that Pidgeotto says "Pidgeot!" and Pidgeot says "Pidgeot-to!"
    Ninetales is an interesting one. It sounds like Nine Tails, which it indeed has, leading to the assumption that Ninetales is in fact a Keaton, a nine-tailed fox that appears in Japanese mythology and a lot of anime.
    Arcanine is a mix of Arcane, a word for magical, and Canine, meaning dog. So essentially, Arcanine means Magic Dog.
    Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam's names are the magic words that Magicians use; "Abra, cadabra, alakazam!"
    Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, use the last names of two very famous fighters, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee in their names. Now all we need is Hitmonchuck! But that would just own everything, it wouldn't be very fair!
    Aerodactyl is a mix of Pterodactyl, an ancient flying dinosaur, and Aero, meaning air, like Aeroplane.
    Another one most people know, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres have One, Two, and Three in Spanish on the end of their names.
    One of my personal favorites, Mew, is a flying cat pokemon, and it's name is the sound a cat makes :3
    Espeon uses ESP in it's name, ESP is energy associated with the paranormal.
    Umbreon, another favorite name of mine, uses Umbra in it's name, which is the darkest part of a shadow.
    Girafarig is another cool one. Spell Girafarig backwards. That's right, it's the same! Girafarig's name is a Palindrome, just like the Pokemon itself, it has two heads, one on the front and one on the back!
    Heracross, that elusive big horned bug Pokemon, gets it's name from Heracles (in Roman mythology, he's known as Hercules), which suits it's awesome attack!
    Octillery gets it's name from Artillery, eg guns. And guess what? It shoots stuff!

    I'll do 3rd and 4th gen next time, for now I need food.

    Just one more I feel deserves mentioning, Lucario.
    Write it's name backwards, so you have Oiracul. Now say it aloud to yourself, ignoring the i.
    Sounds like Oracle, eh?

    Well, bye for now. Comment, if you dare ;D

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yip yip!
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Ripping apart the Battle Frontier with my Arcanine PokemonSoulSilverVersion DS
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editing the Oblivion Wiki~
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FINALLY my avatar is working!
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