Just thought I'd stop by to say I definitely agree with you about Lute.

She's definitely one of the most worthwhile characters and only redeeming qualities that otherwise pathetic mess of a story had.

Well, that's about all I wanted to say. Bye.

Happy birthday! I hope you like my present.

And now I gotta be manly for my little sis:

So liek, I thought about how you told me I should DL Soul Eater. And I came across this pic

Finefinefine, I'll sign. Sheesh.

So yeah space.

Having all these people sign like that over and over

You will feel its power one day.


- Ken
Hey Lute =D I am stamping you because you are an awesome friend, and a great co-leader of DoT =D See you around,

Feeling Cold Yet?
I haven't signed here in a while so I decided to come and sign =3 I got me a new stamp also.

See ya around luty.

Hi Lute. ^^ Thanks for signing. And sure, I'd love to chat sometime.

Have a nice summer~

I just going to sigh everyone I know with my new stamp.

You will all be corrupted!!!!!

Hey Lute I am on a stampin spree ^^ here ya go!

Long live Lute
i still want to win..and i guess i will have to do that
by making your guestbook lag

you still canz not haz an end siggy of toonie
You just attacked my guestbook X_X
I shall not fall in this war o:< okay maybe i will since i don't have as many pictures as that X_X

joo canz not haz an end siggy of toonie D:<
I am stamping my best 5 Neo friends.
Here is your stamp!


Thanks for being a great member of The Immortals!
Just lettin ya know i'm back! you remember me from the pokemon days right? if you don't that's fine! sorry, but no stamp...for now!
Hey I got a new stamp for ya luty! This is why I asked you who your favorite character was :3

There you go. It's very Pwntastic, yesh indeed. :3
YO LUTY! >.<
Im gonna sign ur guest book cuz im bored!
>.< And if u dont sign back! I'll make Kirby Swallow ur Snake and become a kirby with beard XD!
Well you signed my GB so I thinkits only nice if I return the favor!
Hi Luty. I got a stamp so here you go.
Your a good brawler and a nice friend. ^-^

LUTE!!! Hi!!! lulz. Congrates on your neo marriage! I thought I should sign your guest book seeing that you were the one to get the immortals and MoS together. See ya around the forum.

Hey there Lute just realized that I hadn't signed your guestbook.

Oh congrates on getting neo-married too

Anyway seya on the forums

Hey Lute. Sorry that I don't have a stamp to give you, but I have: MAGICAL PIE, MAGICAL SODA, MAGICAL CANDY, MAGICAL COOKIES, and MAGICAL CAKE!!!!!

Hope you like them!!!!
you sign my guestbook and dont even give my toonies presents You made them sad!!!


your yaoi scares me... :S \
other then that, your kl cus u have many cookies lol at signing my guestbook with the stamp >.< i look foward to brawling you ^-^