Hello, my name is Memmia- at least that's what they call me in my Latin class. I am sixteen, yes a shocker I know, and I have the most terrible insomnia. Most of the time I go to sleep when the sun is rising and I wake up around three each afternoon, so if you don't get a reply here's your answer.
Unlike most sixteen year olds (I guess) I take a large amount of pleasure playing video games and watching gory horror films. One of the many things I wish I could grow up to do is to be a horror film director/writer.
Many of my friends and family call it an obsession, I say nay! It is just something that my constantly churning mind always wanders to (thank you ADHD!)
My birthday is on October 12 and presents are always welcome. :)

If you haven't played Skyrim, Fallout 3, or Fallout: New Vegas, turn away from this page immediately!


Lupa Voss- Dragonborn:

I was born in the late first era to the Dragon Priest Rahgot and his consort Brenna, his only child. Growing up in Forelhost was fantastic, until the invaders tried to breach the monastery after finding us instead of Snow Elves. Before that I was being groomed as the first Dragon Priestess.
My father sought to protect us both, but my mother misguidedly thought he would kill me like the rest if the children of Forelhost. She placed me under a deep sleep. Enraged by her acts and thinking me dead he killed my mother and locked me away in a hidden tomb originally meant for him. The mourning lasted three days. Gifts to me included twin ebony swords, a Daedric Warhammer, a Daedric bow, full Daedric armor and a Daedric shield. Gold and jewels were strewn across the floor like flower petals and my father placed enchantments over me that would preserve my body for all eternity and protect me from grave robbers and treasure hunters.
When I was awoken it was by a farmer from Whiterun hold named Grimm. He took me in as his daughter and taught me the smithing trade. When I turned 20 a master smith from Cyrodil called me to her to become her apprentice. I spent three years under her tutoring before returning to my home. In the way back I met up with some Stormcloaks. We fought bravely only to be overwhelmed by the Imperial forces. Once in Helgen the dragon Alduin attacked and the rest was history. I became the Last Dragonborn, the first Dragon Priestess, and the last Dragon Priest. Assuming the mantel of Konahrik I forged a name all across Skyrim. Harbinger of the Companions, Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold, Guild Master of the Thieves Guild, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, an Officer in the Stormcloak army, Thane of all nine holds, and Hero of Skyrim. Yet my story has only just begun.
I am married to Argis the Bulwark and have two adopted children. Runa Fair-Shield and Hroar.

Daedric Bow of Paralyze and Fiery-Soul Trap (Pax Romanus), Daedric Warhammer of Paralyze and Fiery-Soul Trap (Romanorum Pacius Everto), Ebony Sword of Frost Damage and Absorbe Stamina (Romanorum Pacius of Luna), Ebony Sword of Fire Damage and Absorb Health (Romanorum Pacius of Astrum)

Daedric Helmet of Fortify Restoration and Waterbreathing (Nox Dominus Helm), Gold and Emerald Circlet of Peerless Archery, Daedric Gauntlets of Fortify Carry-Weight and Fortify Shock Resistance (Nox Dominus Gauntlets), Daedric Boots of Fortify Carry-Weight and Fortify Fire Resistance (Nox Dominus Boots), Daedric Armor of Fortify Carry-Weight and Fortify Health (Nox Dominus Armor), Gold and Diamond Ring of Fortify Fire Resistance and Fortify Health (Nox Dominus Ring), Gold and Diamond Necklace of Fortify Shock Resistance and Fortify Smithing (Nox Dominus Necklace), and Daedric Shield of Fortify Resistance to all Magika and Fortify Block (Nox Dominus Shield).

[Will post when I hit required 15 posts minimum.]

Memmia "Eve" Nightling- The Lone Wanderer:
I was born three days before the Great War on October 19th, 2077. A genetic experiment that turned me from a normal human to a super computer with an unimaginable amount of strength and intelligence, not to mention my own fair share of luck and a drastically reduced growth rate of one year out of ten. I was created in Quantico, Virginia, the FBI headquarters, training facility, and research base as a spy beyond parallel, able to defuse terrorist before they ever strike, meant as the new 'Eve' to the human race. Three days after my birth I was placed in a vat of biogel to protect me from the radiation of the bombs that fell October 22, 2077. In 2254, after a Scribe from the Brotherhood of Steel released me from suspended animation I offered up my aid to the Brotherhood as a soldier among other things. After the Project Purity fiasco were I went under cover as the 'daughter' of a man named James, I risked life and limb to bring water- pure water- to the Wasteland and nearly died trying. I destroyed the Enclave, went up the Potomac, fought the Red Menace as I had been destined to, and saved the Wasteland over and over again with the towering 7" tall ghoul, Charon, at my side. I didn't know then that four years after all that, that my story wasn't finished.

Sniper Rifle, 10mm SMG, Combat Shotgun, Frag Grenades, Pulse Grenades, and a Fat Man.

Chinese Stealth Suit, Pre-War Casual Wear, Pre-War Bonnet

Eve Nightling- The Courier:
After my final doings in the Capitol Wasteland, Elder Lyons sent me on a mission across the continent to Nevada to rejoin the East Coast chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel to the West Coast chapter. I was to blend in with the natives and become a Courier of the Mojave Express. One strange package and a bullet to the head later my memories were gone and I was the Ruler of an Independent Vegas and still fighting. I traveled to Zion to aid some tribals and met up with the legendary Joshua Graham. I was forced to work for a crazy old Elder from the Brotherhood at the beautiful Resort and Casino, Sierra Madre. Captured by a bunch of mad scientists and experimented on in the Big MT where I regained my memories, as well as a new spine and heart. And I fought another Courier on a Lonesome Road that I traveled all alone, blowing Caesar's Legion and the NCR sky high in an attempt to preserve my city. In the end, I came out alive and wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. Friends alway around me and good booze always nearby.

Anti-Material Rifle, Cowboy Repeater, Maria, Caravan Shotgun, Frag Grenades, and a Holorifle.

NCR Ranger Combat Armor, NCR Ranger Helmet, Stealth Suit MkII, Courier's Duster (Lucky 38 Spade), Rebreather, Dapper Gambler's Suit, Suave Gambler's Hat



Lupa Voss:
Hazel eyes with brown hair long scar running down the right side of her face just under the eye. Hair is styled with a braid on one side and lots of layers. Nord female.

Memmia "Eve" Nightling [BOTH]:
Hazel eyes and brown hair swept back in a Wendy the Wielder bun. Caucasion female(first preset on both Fallout games).

A/N; Memmia "Eve" Nightling's name has been shortened to Eve in Fallout: New Vegas.


I love playing video games, writing, and drawing. I am on FanFiction and I adore creating stories about my characters and their exploits. I'll leave their stories and what I use for them in the Biography section, so if you want to see what it is they do and how they came to be mosey on down and check that out.


I am...
Watching the Secret of Kells [An Irish animated movie about the Nords that invaded Ireland and the book that turned darkness into light. (Directed by Tomm Moore)]
Playing TES V: Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and trying to find a way to get Minecraft onto my iPhone for free (too lazy to do it at the moment).
Writing FanFictions about my two main OC's Eve Nightling [Fallout 3/New Vegas] and Lupa Voss [Skyrim].
Writing more about my character Rose [Chainsaw Melody-- Texas Chainsaw Massacre]
Writing more about my character Bonny [Demons of Flesh and Metal-- Transformers FanFiction. net]
Making a sandwich because that's how I roll.
Eating said sandwich because I can and eating sunflower seeds/salt and vinegar potato chips/strawberries with said sandwich.
Reading the Ask Lord Caesar Tumbler because its so funny.
Looking up different mods I can get for Skyrim now that I have a custom CYBERPOWERPC.
Sleeping during the day because of my hawking insomnia seeing as that is the only time I do sleep.
And speaking with all of you lovely people here on Neoseeker.


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