lucedeoangel Luminescence
Nov 6, 11 10:02pm
Lumi smells.

That's all I wanted to say really. Now to reach the character limit.

Lumismells. Lumismells. Lumismells. Lumismells.

Love, Luce xx
Mrs Harvest Moon Luminescence
Jul 25, 11 5:13pm
I have read your book so far, and it is amazing! Keep on going, I cannot wait! By the way, I added you as a friend. Is that okay? You should be an author one day!

Where do you get the inspiration from? I love writing, but I can never think of anything to write about. Some people say that you just have to look out of your window, but what do you look at? A tree? I usually kinda copy ideas from books, then edit it and change it. What do you do?

Also, I usually write from experience. Like, writing about high school, or parents. I am only 14, so I would never write something about parenting, for instance.

Anyway, I love the book, keep up the good work!