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Sep 22, 16 5:53pm

So, motivated by the sweet and talented @Avialace, I decided to post something here. It might feel a bit incomplete and there

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Sep 4, 16 2:26am

So, I'm not sure if anybody has done their placement matches yet but if you did, brag about your score here :P I did a

Aug 11, 16 1:07am
Before I leave, brush my teeth with the bottle of Jack
Jun 2, 16 5:11am
Sleep, y u so hard to keep in check.
Apr 23, 14 6:58pm
Brain farts everywhere.
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Apr 15, 14 1:09am

Hi, guys. I'm actually new in this forum, although I have a small question. The whole case has to do with PS Plus. I u

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Apr 13, 14 11:06pm

Alright. Here I am again. This is the rough draft I've been inspired to write some days ago. I know I publish a lot of st

Apr 1, 14 9:20pm
"It feels you kinda enjoy when things go wrong, because it gives you an excuse to stop pretending"
Mar 26, 14 9:41pm
So many idiots, just unbelievable.
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Mar 15, 14 12:01am

Okay, so I have written a small prologue to the thing I might update soon into a fully-fledged storyline and I thought I migh

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Feb 9, 14 4:40pm

Okay, so I decided to put up a fantasy storyline I just came up with in here. Some wording might be a bit awkward since I was

Feb 9, 14 2:17am
I don't bite.. too hard.
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Feb 6, 14 3:20pm

What was your best record in this mode? My best was on the practice, my team dished out around 500,000 damage. As long as the

Jan 31, 14 4:36am
Dec 24, 13 11:37pm
Wonderful drowsy Christmas time
Dec 8, 13 11:51pm
Food is on my mind, Neo.. food..

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