Brain farts everywhere.

Hi, guys. I'm actually new in this forum, although I have a small question. The whole case has to do with PS Plus. I u

Alright. Here I am again. This is the rough draft I've been inspired to write some days ago. I know I publish a lot of st

"It feels you kinda enjoy when things go wrong, because it gives you an excuse to stop pretending"
So many idiots, just unbelievable.

Okay, so I have written a small prologue to the thing I might update soon into a fully-fledged storyline and I thought I migh

Okay, so I decided to put up a fantasy storyline I just came up with in here. Some wording might be a bit awkward since I was

I don't bite.. too hard.

What was your best record in this mode? My best was on the practice, my team dished out around 500,000 damage. As long as the

Wonderful drowsy Christmas time
Food is on my mind, Neo.. food..
OWW, getting on Neo much more often now.
Fall comes, things are ending...
Misanthrope by nature.
Volta Bureau - Alley Cat

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