is busy plaing Mabinogi >:U
is remembering watching the towers fall on 9/11.
I'm quite good at FINDing things!

I finally got around to finishing this.So, here is the first official chapter of Teenage Dream,...

I am sooo sorry this took so long.I plan on writing this more often, I've just had a very busy...

Sorry for another long wait for this chapter.But now, all projects are done, all plays are...

says: " I'm Japan's Number-One Ninja."
is happy she knows someone like her..
just found out she has Auditory Hallucination Disorder..
aboslutely positivley swears she is up to no good.
says: " Then the alligator pulled out a knife and gave me this nasty scar"
Me and my parents crashed into an alligator. The alligator killed my parents, pulled out a knife and gave me this scar.
says: " Your Harry Freaking Potter! Your the boy who lived!"
says: " What the HELL is a Hufflepuff?!"
says: "Joker - nureta hitomi no shoujo"
is Skater Girl with new account! I'm adding all my friends again!
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