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  • "UPDATE: I have started this game again. All over for me (not all over as if I'm never going to play the game, but as I'm starting all over ) DeadOrAliveParadise"
    LevenderGirl May 14, 11 4:06pm
  • "I still have room to compleate Ayane, Kasumi, Lei Fang, and Rio's swimsuite collection. I've collected ALL venus clips too. DeadOrAliveParadise"
    LevenderGirl Mar 2, 11 8:59pm
  • "I'm not doing anything with DOA paradise. I haven't collected all swimsuites either but I have collected most. DeadOrAliveParadise"
    LevenderGirl Mar 2, 11 8:57pm
  • "Not much use as a game but fun for oogling. DeadOrAliveParadise"
    Twin_Master Jul 2, 10 11:10pm
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