Magikarp sounds a lot like Will Smith, don't you think?

Keep being an awesome dude :>!
No thanks, pornography makes you rtarded, like the Osbournes do. But cookies, now that's good.

I only wish I had a stamp...all I got is this Spineshank Picture:


So I'll see you back at school on Monday...and the other days we're required to withstand the torturous trials of school.
I saw that you signed my guestbook. Thanks for Signing. Just Returning the Favor.

Gah! Stupid mininum length...

So, I'll see you around!

Saw you around loungin' thought i would say high.

Signing your g-book like you did mine. That was awhile ago though srry. Hope we can be friends!

WTF 125characters LOL
I am signing back on behalf of you signing my Guestbook.

For now, I have no stamp, but feel free to look at this ub'e'r image of Project HAMMER for the Nintendo Wii:

*bleep* this limit!

Anyway, hi! I hope you remember me and I'm not some "random person who totally signed my guestbook for, like, no reason!". See, I must know you because I know your favorite colors! Red, Orange, and Purple. And NO I did not get that from your profile![/size][/color]

Hey ^^ I've seen you around and you have really great digital art ^^ So here's a stampie for u ^^



Cya around

hey thanks for making my banner it is awsome. fits me dont it?
OMG! I am so laughing at the rules of your guestbook. But not in a bad way, in a good way.

And thanks for signing my guestbook *feels special*

Hmmm...I don't have a stamp, but I have a cool pic of Yuffie -


Just signing your GB as thanks for the banner you have made me.

You rock!

Kyah. xD I know yew, keeker.
So, yesh.

Anyways. thanks for signing my guestbook, even though it was probably out of randomness, boredom, and/or drunkness.
And so, I'm going to sign back, because that's what I do.

I'm on a stamping spree.

Seeya Around.
I'm Just Signing Back.

Hi Kiker, thanks for signing my guestbook,

See you around.
I have seen you around a lot and hope we can be Neo friend Here is my stamp

You don't have too stamp back just trying too make new friends
for the Guestbook signing. You're not as bad as you used to be. I still don't want to be pals with you, and here's a message you shall remember:

XBox > PS2 > PSP > GBA > SNES > NES > N64 > GCN.

Nice list of bands, pretty much every one of em! (especially SOAD) I'm the weirdest friggin creature that walks this Earth, so the elves in my pants bid you farewell.

Also Tales of Symphonia is awesome.
Happy New Year [insert your username here]!

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!

Now that you have been bestowed with my gift, please have a stamp.

kiker, why did you need to leave? I know you have a life but... That's it! Crusher! He's an annoying pile of shit if you ask me. Anyone looking, call me a hipocrite all you want, but Crusher sucked! He sucked! He sucked! He SUCKED times infinity plus 1.

I don't have a stamp, but this will remind you of our "friendship".

I'm sorry, but Crusher is just annoying and doesn't deserve friends.
I wanted to sign your guestbook since you did a Great Job Making a Banner For me. Well, Hope you have a good life in the yeaer 2006.
saw you at the kh2 forum so i might as well sign your guessbook

Heard you like zasalamel, yeah he rocks!

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from RKOed

Hey Kiker55, had a bit of a chat back there on loungin' so i thought id sign you. And your right Nintendo sucks big time! Please sign back...