Hoenn is empty, and all the devils are here
all this E3 stuff and all I care about seeing today is the new Master Chef
Sunset Overdrive looks *bleep*ing awesome!

Because *bleep* @Gryzor, I can organise contests too! I'll even get the judging done on time! Anyway, the rules are

review of Guacamelee on Sign Far Beyond: http://bit.ly/1hFhnfB

The life of a luchador is never easy. On a daily basis, you have to wear a colorful mask that makes you big and buff, punch, kick, throw, headbutt, aerial uppercut, ground pound, switch dimensions, turn into a chicken, run up walls and save the world...

"How dare she wear a slutty cockdress!" ~ Melodic
Everybody send Rift baseball clips. He loves that. :)

Final Fantasy II If I was just judging the first five hours of this game, it'd be an instant 10/10. Seriously, it's such a large jump from the older Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest/Warrior games in terms of storytelling that it's ama...

review of Final Fantasy IV on Sign Far Beyond: http://bit.ly/1e6ncUi


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