LegendaryGuardian Luigi88
Aug 6, 05 8:41pm
Hey man I haven't Talked to you in a long time. It's Me Japan_Man this is just a new accoutn I ot and use now. I see its been a while since you been on. I hope to see you on sometime
obliteration Luigi88
Jun 28, 05 4:08am
here's my stamp. i hope to see you sometime on neo.

obliteration Luigi88
Jun 27, 05 9:27am
you probably dont know who i am. its me black luigi 365, and well, i forgot my password to my old account so im starting over new xD i would show you my poorly made stamp but i forgot how to put them in after such a long time from being gone here
Pyrazor Luigi88
Jan 21, 05 4:22am
Hey man, it's been a while. Hope you're having a great year so far.

See ya around.
Satokasu Suki Luigi88
Jan 2, 05 8:02pm

Hey, haven't seen you aroung in quite a long time!

Hope you had a nice Christmas! All the best for '05. ^^
pac4ever Luigi88
Jan 1, 05 2:38am

Yo just thought I'd sign your gb because I seen you around the forums, Holla back;)
pac4ever Luigi88
Jan 1, 05 2:37am

Yo just thought I'd sign your gb because I seen you around the forums, Holla back;)
Lupin3rd Luigi88
Dec 29, 04 2:32am

Dipset paparazi copy papi.

Hey Lu, dropping by in style with a classic message.

Enjoy Christmas and 2005 ya you you.

*bleep* Nas and Nature.

InFaDeLiTy Luigi88
Dec 16, 04 8:00pm

Never Luigi88
Dec 5, 04 12:46am
Signing because of boredom.....and becuase I thought that I would mention the fact that Luigi is anti-gangster.
Delinquent Luigi88
Nov 30, 04 11:03pm
Sup man. You real cool peoples and I'm really wantin ta hook up and do some thangs in the open mic together. Get at me when you ready for that colab. You pick the subject, and we'll work it. I don't have aim so if you wanna do the Instant messenger thing, hit me up on yahoo, or pm me, and I'll give you my yahoo ID.

Much luv:

Del from the Hellaware state
kin jazama Luigi88
Nov 27, 04 1:16am

See, even George Bush got some gangsta in em.

Angel Blade Luigi88
Nov 26, 04 8:22pm

I just woke up from sleeping, yet trying to avoid his ghost at the same time. I stayed up till 3 AM for once. Must be from the turkey and Apple Cider. Have fun and see ya around.

Angel Blade27
Fourth Dimension Luigi88
Nov 6, 04 3:46am
Don't come near my guestbook with that shit again.
Princess Peach Luigi88
Oct 31, 04 10:10am
Just wanted to wish you a...

Dragon Cloud Luigi88
Oct 30, 04 8:32pm

Death Walked The Earth Today.
bl3nd3r Luigi88
Oct 29, 04 1:36am
Darkwolf280 Luigi88
Sep 24, 04 12:59am
Hey, thanx for signin the ol' guestbook. I woulda signed back sooner but havnt checked by guestbook in like 2 weeks haha. See ya around the sports forum, ; )

BPF32 Luigi88
Sep 19, 04 6:26pm
Hey thanks for signing my gestbook, I don't have a stamp that i could put in so im going to leave a blank space where its supposed to go.

Well somewhere around that size or bigger.
Lakerfan08 Luigi88
Sep 18, 04 9:04am
saw your guestbook sig just a few minutes ago so im signing back. the knicks r defiantely gona make it this year, but they wont win ..Clippers NBA Champs 06-07!
Felony Luigi88
Sep 16, 04 5:34pm
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook. And thanks for saying that I've got skills at Open Mic, haha, only took me like a year. Thanks again and I will see you around.

Doctor Constipation Luigi88
Sep 15, 04 9:34pm
Once I was at a because and I went so then becasuse all of the sudden and TACO!

Sep 15, 04 6:00am
I see you stamped my Guestbook, you son of a...

anyways I would give you a stamp, but I am far to lazy to make one.

Anyways, hopefully this NHL lockout doesn't last too long, I want to get back to talking about the NHL some more.
Mario_1 Luigi88
Sep 14, 04 9:12pm
quote you
Luigi is number 1
Sorry, but its true. Mario sucks.
Ummm, that's not true.
Why in the world did you post that s**t in my GB, anyway?
Oh well...The world is full of weird people...

And take off that dress, for goodness' sake!
VulcanRaven Luigi88
Sep 13, 04 12:46am
Thanks for signing my Guestbook Luigi88, well I'm signing yours in return (and besides, you asked).