Luigi 96
Jul 14, 14 10:29pm
It's been a solid 4 years since I've been active, dunno if anyone will see this or remember me, but I thought I'd say I miss you all.
Luigi 96
Mar 22, 10 11:51pm
- I'm turning 14 on wednesday!! WOOT!!
Luigi 96
Mar 20, 10 2:58pm
- 4 sleeps till my birthday!!!
Luigi 96
Mar 17, 10 2:39pm
7 days!
Luigi 96
Mar 16, 10 2:43pm
8 Goddamn days to my birthday, woot!!
Luigi 96 blogged
May 3, 09 8:00pm

So, finally, the day comes! The day I get my X-Box 360! Well I'm gonna get GTA IV, Resident Evil 5 and Stranglehold, RE5 comes with it along with (I think) Halo Wars! My old X-Box exploded so I need a new one! My TV died along with it so I'm getting the family TV while Mum buys a Plasma.

R.I.P X-Box & TV D:

banner xbox 360
Luigi 96 blogged
Apr 4, 09 1:00am

I seriously think I have got arachnophobia, a huge spider jumped at me as i was turning on the computer. I think I pissed myself. But I did shit bricks.

pokemon sprite angel devil disgaea other
Luigi 96 blogged
Apr 3, 09 6:17pm

The first game I ever played was GTA I for the PSX, and damn, was the graphics good back then, but now we can merely laugh at it!
I then got Resident Evil 1. That was equally fascinating as GTA I and the rendered backgrounds were amazing! But, like GTA I, we can only laugh at it now. Resident Evil Ø, Resident Evil REmake, Resident Evil 2 was next. The graphics were absolutely amazing!! But in 10-15 years we probably will be laughing at the graphics. Next Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil 4 and all the others were bought. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM!!!! But, like REmake, we will probably laugh at these in 10-15 years. I then became hooked on Wesker, studying him and everything!! Who knows... maybe he'll come back in RE 6...
Luigi 96 blogged
Apr 3, 09 12:58am

This is my first blog post, yaaay!!! Try visit this and support it by posting your own lol-cats!! Now that I know how to blog () , I'll be blogging heaps more now!!

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