It's been a solid 4 years since I've been active, dunno if anyone will see this or remember me, but I thought I'd say I miss you all.
- I'm turning 14 on wednesday!! WOOT!!
- 4 sleeps till my birthday!!!
8 Goddamn days to my birthday, woot!!

So, finally, the day comes! The day I get my X-Box 360! Well I'm gonna get GTA IV, Resident Evil 5 and Stranglehold, RE5 comes with it along with (I think) Halo Wars! My old X-Box exploded so I need a new one! My TV died along with it so I'm getting the family TV while Mum buys a Plasma.

R.I.P X-Box & TV D:

banner xbox 360

I seriously think I have got arachnophobia, a huge spider jumped at me as i was turning on the computer. I think I pissed myself. But I did shit bricks.

pokemon sprite angel devil disgaea other

The first game I ever played was GTA I for the PSX, and damn, was the graphics good back then, but now we can merely laugh at it!
I then got Resident Evil 1. That was equally fascinating as GTA I and the rendered backgrounds were amazing! But, like GTA I, we can only laugh at it now. Resident Evil Ø, Resident Evil REmake, Resident Evil 2 was next. The graphics were absolutely amazing!! But in 10-15 years we probably will be laughing at the graphics. Next Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil 4 and all the others were bought. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM!!!! But, like REmake, we will probably laugh at these in 10-15 years. I then became hooked on Wesker, studying him and everything!! Who knows... maybe he'll come back in RE 6...

This is my first blog post, yaaay!!! Try visit this and support it by posting your own lol-cats!! Now that I know how to blog () , I'll be blogging heaps more now!!

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