Oct 3, 13 8:44pm
When a game gets you into reading, you know you´re in love with it
Jul 12, 13 9:23pm
Re-living the resident evil saga!!!!
May 31, 13 11:30pm
Both writing and playing make my fingers burn. I like the 1st one but I love the 2nd one
Apr 20, 13 9:48pm
So stocked about Guacamelee!!!!
Apr 20, 13 9:47pm
So stocked about guacameelee
Apr 20, 13 9:46pm
So stocked about guacamelee
Mar 16, 13 10:45pm
Played the DS3 DLC and I think that, DS 4 is next!!!
Mar 3, 13 6:08pm
Waiting for the Dead space 3 DLC. I hope there´s horror in it.
Jan 12, 13 11:05pm
Cool game, good mechanics, great story and has one of the most mean anti-piracy measures. Spyro3YearOfTheDragon
Jan 3, 13 5:29pm
I wish I could say there's something good about this game but no. oh hold on there is, the song at the end is really good. ResidentEvilDeadAim
Jan 2, 13 10:12pm
Very good game!!!, I love the mini game where you have to kill a bunch of chickens with a chainsaw. it's a bit deranged but funny. GrandTheftAutoLibertyCityStories
Jan 2, 13 9:14pm
I got it when I was 14, that explains most of my sociopath tendencies hahaha. Marvelous game, it gave society another scapegoat to accuse. GrandTheftAuto3
Jan 2, 13 9:06pm
My debut in online gaming happened thanks to it. Great action-horror title. ResidentEvil5
Jan 2, 13 8:58pm
I think CAPCOM could have included trophies with a higher degree of creativity, like "Kill the ganado that is wearing leon's jacket " ResidentEvil4UltimateHDEdition
Jan 2, 13 8:51pm
Awesome game. I learned most of the slang I know today thanks to it. Teachers should consider using it for pedagogic purposes. haha GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas
Jan 2, 13 8:47pm
The epitome of adventure games on PS1. This game its a jewel to me, it's the reason why I got into gaming. CrashBandicoot3Warped
Jan 2, 13 8:45pm
When I was in secondary school, I saved my money for months just to buy it and a couple of days after I ordered it, I got it as a gift! ResidentEvil4
Jan 1, 13 10:38pm
Awww, common sense, the least common of all senses
Jan 1, 13 10:32pm
One of the worst games I've ever played. The saddest part is that I spent like $120 for the SP edition. Crap!! , How I regret that!!. ResidentEvilOperationRaccoonCity
Jan 1, 13 10:27pm
Good survival horror title, you can have lots of fun by Kicking your enemies in the nuts while Hewie bites their neck. hahaha Sublime!. HauntingGround


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