hi i am going around signing guest books i noticed your scotish thats cool i have scotish blood in me too so ya sign my guust book pleeze
It was "If you could ask a Dynasty Warrior a question, who'd you ask and what would you ask them?" i liked it although i never sent any post or replies to it.
well there's the reply for ya, i'd ask her out.

hello, i liked your forum post and recommend you to carry on with the good job. please it would be nice if you signed my guest book please. i would very much appreciate it, bye.
Well, it seems that you have signed my guestbook... Thanks! And now I shall sign yours with my perfectness... Erm, anyway, I'm glad to see your still posting around the sims forums we need help to keep these places alive! Your a great poster and I hope you stick around.

Be honored for you are in the presence of a Ma Chao picture!
I saw you around and I just thought I'd pop in and sign your guestbook, seeing as I'm that nice! j/k... ttyl, and keep it real! Sign my g-book.