:D I like cute things and yes,I am a gamer girl who's happily taken.I live with my husband who can do works of beautiful art,together we are our own Karu & Pie duo.I like anime and too many rpg games to count,mostly the fantasy and adventure ones though.I play the Sims2 more than I deal with my own life sometimes,that's how addictive it is.

Thats all for now +^^+=-^^-(Saowee+Nyan)


++Hmm..I like Anime,Manga,games,illustration,Japanese comic books,pot stickers,Anime Conventions,All the Pinoy food in the world,and I like,well being able to say "I'm a gamer-girl!"


ø¤º°`°`°Me+Saowee,Defying gravity with our loveø¤º°`°`°

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