I love dogs,I love animals,one day I might be a Vetnarian,I love helpin others but sometime I don't,I love chatting I love hanging out with friends I love playing games mostly sports =/,I have two different side inside me one is dark and one is light When I am angry I go to the Dark side sometime I am nice which that the light side which I don't care what people say,want to say something to me say it in my face >=(,I am the leader of my three friends =p,but mostly I like to do whatever I want,I hope you do ^^ =D,not like I have 3 friends I have more then 3 *-*


I love Drawing alot I love drawing the lion king's most now I love drawing Humane Cartoons,my Favorite games is pretty much everything ^^my world I am in stink nothing I really can do but I have to get use to it becasue it's life,don't do much though. =/ Also I love doin Kon Fu,you know kickin people butts Im still practiceing learnin that =3
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