Remaking the classic version of the game was a great move! I find it very fun to play, especially when using the 3D perspective! TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime3D 3DS
OMG! This game may be the best of all the WWE games; adding the superstars and some of the greatest legends; wish all the legends were there WWE12 X360
A very great game. Awesome graphics, fighting underwater...adding new challenges keeps the games amazing and great to play MonsterHunterTri Wii
I've been a fan of the Super Smash Bros games, but this one really blew the others out of the water in my opinion SuperSmashBrosBrawl Wii
one of my favorites from the OLD SCHOOL systems, this game is still fun to play, the graphics are like today's, but this game still rocks Faxanadu Wii
Talk about revamping the first game! The assists are AWESOME, but hard to work the right combinations in...I'll get it down soon I hope lol Dissidia012duodecimFinalFantasy PSP
this was a great game! having to solo the WHOLE game wasn't fun, but hey it was worth the challenge MonsterHunterFreedomUnite PSP
this game is SICK!!! new monsters, along with some of the old ones...with the maps, it's Monster Hunter Freedom, meet Monster Hunter Tri! MonsterHunterPortable3rd PSP
this game is AMAZING!!! going as a Villain or a Hero makes things crazier...currently making a few characters for a storyline of my own DCUniverseOnline PC
Very nice game overall; started playing it last month, but stopped for a few weeks; picked back up on it and it's getting even better WhiteKnightChronicles2 PS3
I have beaten the game all the way through to saving Lindow and restarted the game retaining my data. Looking for people online to join me. GodsEaterBurst PSP
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