Talk about a blast from the past.
Eh, I've moved on...
...Wow, Sonic Colours was actually really good. Huzzah!
man, remember when it was fun to hang around on this site?
haaay dooooooods~
absolutely adores 'An Untitled Story'!
Fantasy Zooooone~ Fantasy ZOOOOOOOOOOOONE~~~~~
is actually posting in forums :o
loves those old Sonic games!
really hates the internet sometimes.
wonders if its bad that he only likes music that come from videogames...
passed the theory part of his driving test!
is all like, BANGAI-O, GO!!!!
just beat Sin & Punishment 2 on hard!
has got a La Mulana induced headache.

So recently I decided to venture into the realms of freeware games. I've always had a slight aversion to the whole thing to be honest, not really being a PC gamer and all. Hell, I have enough trouble functioning this thing already, so playing games with it? Madness! Foolishness! Completely out of the question!

Saying that however, I always had a passing interest in in the various freeware games on offer, but was always put off them by the fact they lurked in the intimidating world of the PC, a land where my skills are somewhat lacking. However, out of sheer boredom I decided to bite the bullet and have a crack at some of these games. All I have to say is... Why. Why self? Why didn't you check out this goldmine sooner?!

Despite my lacking skills on the keyboard, I've had an absolute blast so far. La Mulana, Spelunky, A Game With A Kitty... Theres so many great freeware games out there!I'd talk about these games, but that would be pretty time consuming, so I think I'll save that for another blog post. But that all depends if I can quell the demon of laziness that has suddenly taken hold of my body. So the point of this this post then? Well, this whole thing really has just been a long winded way of saying that you should give freeware games a chance at some point. I was pleasantly surprised by how good some of these games can be!

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sure loves exploring those ancient ruins!

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