Just wanted to stop by and say that you were both a REALLY great moderator and friend. I still don't think I'll EVER beat you as "the best mod. of the AC:CF Forum". Anyways, it's terrible to see that you haven't logged in for about a month.

Life comes before Neo, though, and I do understand why you're away. But we all miss you!

Have fun, where ever you are, Jenn. =D
The greatest tragedy in Animal Crossing forum history was when you had to give up your moderating duties due to outside matters. Even though this community won't flow as smoothly as it had before, the rest of us will continue to do our best. With this said, I believe this situation deserves a second GuestBook posting with my newest stamp.

You've Been...

We'll miss you, Jenn.
Hey Jenn! I am glad we are part of the same clan. You are super awesome, and you seem to like a lot of the same games that I do. I hope we become better friends in the future! :]

This stamp is so super old, just so you know. Maybe I'll get a new one soon, and it could be super fancy! =)

P.S. You are a great moderator! Keep up the good work!
I may be a little late, but congrats on the promotion!!I hope we can be friends too ^^

Hope you sing back and feel free to PM me at anytime!

<3 Steph
have a very merry christmas and a happy new year

(it#s like your old username)
You've just been stamped by Sydney! your reward is your new pet, (dont worry hes potty trained!!)
hey what's up? i love hell's kitchen 2! but i love animla crossing more. latley ive been bored with my animal crossing cause i have no friends to go to their town. i have apples and pears at my town. u?

While on my signing spree, I had noticed that I'd forgotten to sign your GuestBook, even after you had been a very helpful member in the AC: CF forum and were very supportive of me in creating the new Roleplay thread there. Well, the good thing is that I'm here now so...

You've Been...

Sign back whenever you can, and I'll see you in the forums.


No stamp though, mainly because I don't think an image should express the meaning of a message.

Hope you have a fun, exciting and trouble free tomorrow!

and a happy new year
Merry Christmas Jenn ol' friend.

But yeah seriously that was MY present you opened D:

But you could have it =3


SSBB Crazy Wins!!

Congrats on winning the Explorers of Darkness Caption Contest, you had some great captions. ;p
Here's a stamp for you. For now I have just used my new banner as I haven't made a stamp yet.

Hope you like!
I've seen you a lot on the forums, and you looked cool. Soo I wanted to sign your GB

Here ya go!




Hi i'm Anne I will do a joke okay whats the cows favorite place ................................ ................................................. the moo-vies
Thanks for the GB entry and for being a great member of the FFTA2 forum! Really, it made my life a lot easier -.-". Well, I haven't made a stamp in years, so this message will have to do ^^.

Crap! I just posted my last post with out the image.

Well... here it is.

I saw you signed my guestbook (and you're the first person in, like, FOREVER to do so) I thought that I should probably sign your's.

CRAP! I don't have a cool stamp to put here. Ah well, I'll just quickly make one.

Don't worry, I'm sure you're better than me by now, because I don't really use Peach anymore, I'm more of a Zelda/Sheik person now. ;o

Mokona Mokona Mokona!
I forgot the stamp.

And now I have to fill it with more lengthliness....
Looks very nice. It's me surfing! During one of the floods we started in Mario Kart Wii!

Great friend to talk to. Ashame your parents don't let you have msn. But we can chat in Animal Crossing games.
Just going on a stamping spree as i've got a new stamp

Cya on the forum