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May 7, 09 1:04pm
My Score: B+ Okami
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  • "Absolutely awesome game! <3 Okami"
    Firebyrd Aug 5, 12 7:46pm
  • "This game was absolutely amazing in every way! I enjoyed the heck out of this game!!! Okami"
    Firebyrd Aug 5, 12 7:42pm
  • "In the little village Issun is from! Trying to get enough money together for Power Slash 3. Okami"
    Dark Arcanine Oct 13, 11 5:51am
  • "Up to the lovely snow area up at Kamui and onward. Hares under bridge = devious dev's, but I found them! Okami"
    Dark Arcanine Oct 10, 11 4:20am
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