walnuts Lorx
Feb 28, 13 5:54pm

This is in recognition of your awesome presence around the forums. You do an amazing power of work that not many people will see, but it is essential nonetheless.

Keep up the outstanding work @Lorx, because rest assured, there are some of us that notice
Lovedove Lorx
Oct 8, 09 4:20am

In many ways your stamp is so much better than mine. Even though this isn't nearly as awesome; enjoy it anyway. ^^;;
The Groove Master Lorx
Aug 5, 09 4:20am
Play with me on maplestory or be vanquished from this world!


Ashton (make me a neofriend if you haven't, or u die!!)
angelting Lorx
Jun 13, 09 11:14am
Hi Lorx cool the stamp worked I'm so excited~

Bye and have a Nice day*

Skater Girl Lorx
May 29, 09 10:12pm
...... Cake, please?


Thanks for the avatar and banner!

...... Where. Is. My. CAKE?! *looks around* Oh, thanks!

*takes cake, and walks out randomly*
angelting Lorx
Apr 19, 09 12:58pm
Coming up to sign your guestbook...

Thnx for making it...
In the URL there's even your name!

Thnx for telling me what to do when I'm confused

Anyways please sign back and dont forget to bring the cake!

Take care,

Pleinair Lorx
Jan 23, 09 4:00pm
    Thanks for signing! >.< I'm going to sign your guestbook for 2 reasons :

    1. Because you signed mine. >.<
    2. Because you reduced the bytes of the banner >.<

    Sorry, but I have only this garbage ;.; :

Bitter Sweet Lorx
Dec 23, 08 3:27pm
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Though I've only talked to you once, you're still a cool person, and a great NeoDad for keeping Mom happy. =D

Sarvani ~<3
Marooned Chic Lorx
Dec 20, 08 4:08pm

I love you dear.
Thanks for being there and for waking up at 2 in the morning just to talk to me (not to mention maplestory >.>)
Haha, don't change, I <3 the way you are.
Warm Merry Christmas. -hugs-

Marooned Chic Lorx
Nov 29, 08 3:51pm
Happy Birthday!
Sorry, I know it's a bit late..but anyway, Hope you'll have more bdays to come.

alienationgrave Lorx
Oct 6, 08 7:36pm
Thanks for all the help you've gave me I really appreciated it. Maybe we can become good friends. I kind of lack some friends.

You play Maplestory don't you? I wonder if you can leave me your IGN and the world you play in, and we can have some fun time. It'd make me happy if I can be a new friend in your list of friends. My other friend ignores me too much, for she has too many friends on her list, and doesn't have time to talk to me.

Will you kindly be the one to free me from this cage?
Lost in Azure Lorx
Sep 21, 08 4:38pm
I want the prize so ill sign your guestbook.

Now gimme'! ^^
legendary one Lorx
Sep 8, 08 11:04pm
SO Lorx nice page uh I do not know what to say so I guess I shall sign my name and be out. There is a way to get 8 stars on megaman battle network 3.
Legendary One....
Nothing is wrong with me and I want to be your friend on here...
Emoliciousnot Lorx
Jul 14, 08 4:03pm
Sure, I can add you, you drop a pm whenever.

Maybe we can give each other tips on gfx's. ;D
KewlSyrup Lorx
Jul 14, 08 9:28am

Well you better gimme my prize for this, Cause i want some wafflez with

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~KewlSyrup ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Tozaki Lorx
Jul 7, 08 7:08am
Hey i've seen you around on lounging and your awesome.

Add me on your friends list.