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Sep 3, 13 1:44am

Put up some specific posts around about the stuff I had actual interaction with enough to make a decent post:
League of Legends
Guild Wars 2
Pokemon XY
Audiosurf 2

Smaller notes in no particular order (well, cosplay is at bottom)

Extra Credits
I met Dan and...one of the artists from Extra Credits! (I don't know them by name I feel like a scumbag) Got their autographs too! Didn't meet James because he was apparently floating around the con doing pick-up panels on the fly.
Apparently they're starting a history lesson thing, airs on Friday!

Tentacle Bento
Funniest name for a Japanese-themed cardgame? You apparently play as the Tentacle Monster, attempting to capture Schoolgirls. Yeah I don't even know what to make of that, but I find it hilarious.

...taste pretty bad

The Elder Scrolls Online
Yeah line was waaaay too long to get anywhere close to it ;-;

3 Hour wait time. No thanks. Cool statue thing though, moved and lit up and everything.

PS4 Controller
Saw many, never got to hold one ;-;

Monster Hunter
Had a fun looking little play area, though Nintendo had Beanbag palaces, so I think they lost out tbh.

Worth it to miss. All that was beyond the MULTIPLE hour wait was apparently a video, which is already on youtube no doubt as promotional material. "Oh no". It was about the game's interactiveness with smartphones. So not new news!

Okay I just found this hilarious. I guess this is a MOBA trying to get it's way into the world. I'm no expert on it, but I'm pretty sure that the guy behind TMNT had nothing to do with the game whatsoever. That just seems like really silly or desperate placement to me.

Gigantic World of Tanks/Warplanes booth, they did some raffles and whatever, seemed like decent fun for anybody willing to spend hours farming raffle tickets. Rewards were not ingame stuff, all like, graphics cards and mice and whatever.

I wish I had facetime with this game. It's the new piece from SuperGiant games, the guys behind Bastion. It has a narrator type thing again and everything, looks sweet, sounds even sweeter. I want it.

Was rather lame, all already released games or titles that seem kind of B-tier anyway, though I didn't know Miku got a release for US recently, might look into that I guess, somewhere around that sign said "Aug 26 release date".


Oh, and his gun actually does shoot something;

Cactus guy;

He was part of a booth for something I don't even know the name of. He was hilarious. Would shake maracas at people passing by, generally was just a jolly cactus, it was just really fun to watch.

Assorted, mostly Borderlands 2;

I'd like to think that's the protagonist from Bioshock 2 with the Portal Gun.

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