Oct 9, 16 12:34am
Jun 26, 16 11:35pm
For the first time in 3 years, and 11 months, League of Legends is not the #1 played game in Korean PC gaming centers.
Lorx shared a forum thread
May 31, 16 3:41pm


Confirmed dead today. Among some other gems, like: Apparently R5 queues are...gone? Or going away except during peak hours

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Mar 29, 16 11:13pm
Watch out TF2, Overwatch is aiming right at you:
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Mar 24, 16 4:02pm
Gotta go fast 2: Go Faster.
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Mar 23, 16 1:55am
Mobile games don't always have to be bad -


The console market is proving to be a not-so-hot place to be a rhythm game right now. Mobile however, mobile's looking pr

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Mar 16, 16 2:23am


Hello. These games are pretty much "you know what you're getting into" as far as PC-specific features/performan

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Mar 7, 16 12:12pm
Will you die tonight?
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Mar 5, 16 2:07am
Are you under the covers of the best tracks of the 70s and 80s? NO? My god what are you doing with your life, fix that!
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Mar 3, 16 12:06am
Honestly not terribly surprised -


It seems that recycling is part of Ubisoft's every title. We noticed that Far Cry Primal has a very similar map to the one we know from Far Cry 4, and here's why. We can't say that for certain, but there is some evidence pointing to the fact that Ubi...

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Feb 24, 16 9:18pm


Full notes Things I noticed: * Champs ** _Ashe_ got a QoL buff on Q, allowing for better versatility in its use. She'

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Feb 23, 16 11:11am
Take On Me - NSP //
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Feb 22, 16 12:39am


So many difficulty settings! So many stories! So many waifu maids! How do you plan to find balance in your six save slot

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