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Jun 28, 15 10:49pm

Probably hard to have not heard about this, since Riot released a statement, but today I saw this and thought it brought an i

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Jun 22, 15 3:32pm
Being a good Internet Citizen:
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Jun 22, 15 3:30pm

--Quote http://www.newsoflegends.com/index.php/tsm-keith-tryout-41140/-- We are announcing a brief tryout period with Yuri &l

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Jun 21, 15 3:03am

full thing Some choice answers; --Quote Where did the co-owning Renegades come from?-- I had been looking into owning a

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Jun 14, 15 4:44am

So many teams say "We want to win worlds" when asked what goals are. And I'm really curious why, because it sho

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Jun 06, 15 2:00pm

Hey all, this forum is open to moderator applications. If anybody's interested, the information on how to apply and what

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Jun 05, 15 3:54pm
The CD's I ordered have arrived!
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Jun 03, 15 1:55pm

The longwinded version Basically what happened was CW's coach, Dentist, told his players that he got a top from Defici

Jun 03, 15 2:33am
I wonder if I can get Audiosurf 2 to work with a DDR pad...
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May 27, 15 12:58pm

We should all know SHRC, they're the team name that's been to Worlds. They got relegated in LPL this past split. But

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May 24, 15 11:15pm

For the past couple weeks I've been doing a lot of research into game lore. I've yet to read the 90 page dissertation

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May 22, 15 1:26pm

http://na.lolesports.com/articles/2015-lcs-summer-split-rules-changes They're already in layman's terms, we don

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May 21, 15 1:25am

--Quote-- So I have been asked by many people if we are making DLC for Bloodborne. I can say... An expansion is coming. More

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May 19, 15 5:07pm

Just as a quick refresher, this is the team that got into NALCS by subbing out their midlaner for Alex Ich in the promotional

May 17, 15 1:23pm
Anybody familiar with JP proxy services for buying stuff off melonbooks, and have recommendations?
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May 07, 15 11:24pm

Wiki Well that was a fun Day 1 :thick: FNC's games were surprising to me, kinda expected the opposite results on bo

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May 05, 15 3:30pm

Video It's an unused shortcut door, linking back to the Cleric Beast Lamp. This can be proven by throwing Shining Coin

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