Don't text and drive, play children's card games on motorcycles instead.

imgur Mostly expected, but the specific data's kind of cool if you're looking to create goals to hit in your CS. O

Prototyperaptor - Drive Hard -

Link - Warning, they're partial, the dude making these has only gone through a few weeks of content, not the whole season

The two tiebreakers for the Group stage have completed, and teams moving on to the Bracket stage have been decided! The tiebr

But the patch notes for Calibration 1.04 are in japanese (release date's in there too) So here's what they are as

--Quote-- It appears that the Dark Souls II server team has been going through the servers and banning/blocking players that

Was prowling around leaguepedia to see what the summer split will look like, and while saluting the almost inevitable departu _The Streams_Twitch Twitch popout player Azubu https:

Disclaimer: It's possible this information is incomplete, the guy was testing for hours, but there's still so much mo

--Quote reddit-- At least in regular NG, co-op matching is done exclusively through Soul Memory. The specifics of that have y

_SPOILERS GALORE_: Including changes made to the area in NG+. If you don't want this area spoiled, off you go! I do li

Best cereal or best cereal MegaBassMan?
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