Released today on PC, so that was a nice surprise. It's pretty hard. I'm having more trouble than with the previous D

One of those times when the best truly is at the top, TB is the #1 Steam Curator:

Soundcloud Pretty cool music actually, and there's some pretty great titles in there such as Break of the Ruined King. Really cool read actually. There's

Gotenks and Aurigae had never heard this before, I have no idea how;

Just a heads up that video content and information is starting to flow. It's a closed alpha and seemingly limited in scop

Match Times/VOD links/etc Day one has been fairly explosive! The opening game of SSW vs EDG was explosive and exactly t

Most people watching Worlds know who all the NA and EU teams are. But teams that were from other regions may be more of a mys

So somebody on reddit dug up a list of item types for new gear coming out. There's some cool stuff in there, but what

Is there anything you've missed in the new DLC? I thought I had everything after my last pass through where I got the

Confirmed on twitter I'm happy, because Monte is very, very knowledgeable about the game and has good insight. But at

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