aka, if you want it, get it soon or regret it. The t So basically this is how it works, because

Needed to get a real rifle for hunting Dynamite in WvW;
Maybe I should get a new avatar to better use the 100x100 n+ limit, have a bunch of old stock which was too small for 65x65.
The S4 League of Legends WC got 288 million total views, peak concurrent in Finals was 11mil. Quite a lot of people!
Impressive guild wars 2 music video of Weird Al's 'Now That's What I Call Polka' -
Bottlecap: "Your sense of humor will be your key to success" THE AGE OF BAD PUNS IS NIGH
Eiche That training montage for Game Grumps Kevin lol. Some really cool answers in ther*bleep*up-inside/ In the latest patch, WG changed the hit

Thread title may be a bit of a...downer, like, obviously Korea is still a place and there are still teams there. But some per

bunch of images We see similar data on sites like lolking all the time, but I thought it kind of cool to see this kind of

Link tl;dr version: Pretty dang good, can scale up the resolution and FPS past console limits, should all work fine. The i

Whole Chicken in a Can, why does this exist:
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