Thinking of getting a PS4? Amazon's offering the PS4, Bloodborne, Last of Us, and $20, for the price of the base system, $400 USD.

* April 1st ** PC NA * April 2nd ** Consoles EU, PC EU * April 7th ** Consoles NA Yeah so that's not complicated

New LP from Prototype Raptor! Découverte || bandcamp soundcloud xfd I love this guy's music sense, he is so much f bandcamp soundcloud xfd I love this guy's music sense, he is so much f

On Vacation until April 2nd - PM's & the like will be responded to when I get back, in the meantime feel free to bug Gotenks

For those unaware, there's a Design Works book for Dark Souls 2 out in Japan. Which is basically a giant 200 page artbook

How to feel bad at video games while still feeling triumphant: Beat a Touhou game for the first time on Easy.

Their new album is announced! announcement --Quote-- Drones will be released on 8 June 2015! From Matt: “To m

Full notes - Overall this patch is...pretty hilarious, at least to me. Thought I'd share some things I noticed: *

_Q: Uh, what is FTR?_ The most reliable and best source for WoT news, leaks, and translations of developer comments for quit Really cool information to poke at, and well presented to. You can hover over The short of it is;

I swear I'll tie in all three of these things, so stick with me if you want bad Batman analogies. Unless you've be

Using a Class 4 SD card as a boot drive to install an OS is not enjoyable :(

Wanted to throw out some observations because this was the most hyped game of the split, and also was kind of silly for some

Hello! We're looking for a moderator to make this forum more awesome than it already is. The below wikiembed lists all th

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