...but Davey has an amazing voice. The way he falsettos is absolutely unreal. - Bug Lamp

Doesn't [falsettos] mean to suck c0ck? -Cdemon

You're thinking of Fellatio. - X10

Chevy Demon 24: I used to work in a pet store and part of my job was to clean rodent cages. Thing is, the guy who ran the store was a cheap ass and used these heavy brick-feeder dishes that he got in bulk for like 2 1/2 cents each. What happens is that the hampster digs under the dish, which slowly crushes it to death. Next day I clean the cage and find a hamspeter flat as a pancake. I have no doubt that if hampsters had not developed into this evoltionary dead end they would have rose up and taken over the world millions of years ago. Pluse they smell. *bleep* Hampsters. >_<

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Review: Super Smash Bros. - Fight time baby!

Dec 13, 2004

Chances are you have played this game or the sequel. If you haven't, shoot yourself now because you are missing out on one of the best games ever! This game is so much fun. It's a simple concept, duke it out with your favourite Nintendo...

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