Hello everyone has you know my name I will tell you a bit about myself.

Starting of with things I enjoy.
Kickboxing, Bodybuliding, doing up cars, football, Wood Work, sparring, show jumping, and eating and drinking.

I'am a Huge animal lover.

Hi the names David but everyone calls me Dave. I'm a college student in Llangefni learning car mechanics. Something I've always wanted to be since I was younger. I'm a huge car lover.

As a person I'm confident always willing try out new things in life. I do admit I do have a temper if something goes wrong and stuff.

My hobbies are Horse riding which I did a lot of it when i was younger stil do now.

I did kickboxing in John lynnes black belt Academy. Did it for 4 years and I enjoyed every seconed of it. Hopeing to start again soon.

I also like to work on my cars as well. Such as refitting or modifing my cars.

I enjoy meeting new people I'm easy going like to have a laugh. Also like to go out and have a few drinks at the pub.

I also enjoy going to the gym and train to gain more muscle and power. I train and go often as I can. Been doing it for a few years now. I'm never going to give up NEVER.

Want to know more just ask.


Car mechanics/ Ford Probes/ Going to the pub/ Going on my PS2 and Xbox 360 when ever I can/ Kickboxing.


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