Ahh where to begin. Well I used to be a good kid, ahh what a laugh, then going into my teenage years I relized that my parents were strict religious people, so I have rebeled and follow the path of neutral evil. That about seems it up.


Favorite Games:
-NeverWinter Nights
-NeverWinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide
-Temple of Elemental Evil


When the light fades for the day
the shadows come out to play.
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Lord NightWraith wrote a user review "Two thumbs up!!!!!!!!"
Lord NightWraith wrote a user review "OOhh yeah.."

Review: Neverwinter Nights - Two thumbs up!!!!!!!!

Oct 8, 2003

You love to sit around and rp with your friends one night a week, of course you do. Go all day through school or work dreaming your back in charater. Once you play this game you will be hooked on continuing the story every chance you get playing...

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