You are one funny *bleep*er, only half decent thing on this website is your posts, keep em up!!!MEETINGCHARACTERLENGTHTHINGYMAJJIG!!!

Sign back, or Franken Bush will be elected in '09. We don't want that now do we?
I forgot if I signed ur guestbook..... so now I am..... You are so fudgeing lucky you don't live in America. Have you realized how many people hate me?
Hey there, you signed my guestbook like years ago, so I deceided it would only be right if I signed yours. So, you like Nivana do you? That's sooo cool! It's good to see those alternative people hanging in Neoseeker too! Anyway, see you around! On Neo. that is.

Happy seeking.

It's great to hear of people on Neoseeker who are pre-teen/early teen, like yourself. (Because I am too.) Also, any Nirvana fan is a friend of mine.

hey you signed my guestbook ages ago so im returning the favour. Keep up the guitar playing and Nirvana listening mate.

Rock on

Kurdt Kobain
Yeah I remember you... Well since you signed my guestbook I thought I'd sign yours. Thanks for signing mine by the way...
hey jim, whats up man, i see you around the thps4 forum alot, and i see you skateboard alot, thats cool ,what kind of deck do you have, ive got a zero, anyway later
Thanks for the guestbook signing man. I owe you the favor and shall sighn yours. Well see you around the forums dude. Peace
Thank you for signing my guestbook. My guestbook was getting old and dusty! I'm pretty sure I'll be able to post more stuff at the THPS4 forum since I just played it for the first time!


Thanks for signing my quest book seeya around neoseeker dude get lots of post

From your friend
Same here lord Jim-I go to a school where
there is nobody decent to talk to but I go to a school in Kent. I think THPS4 is the coolest game ever and I have completed it 8 times without cheats.
Hey, how's it going. I thought I would sign your guestbook in exchange for signing mine. Keep up the good work on recruiting new people for the THPS4 forum!
I never knew you live in London!!!! person!!Must I always add annoying stuff to fill it up to the stupid requirement?
hey dude thanks for signing my guestbook, i like your avarar, it looks like a galexy or somthing, well im up with all this space stuff and ssj is my other account

How ironic, Lord Jin(Mine) and Lord JIm(Yours), how the world is so small. You live in London, you lucky. . . person. I envy your london living'ness.
I am a monkey.I am Irish(95%). My name is Sean Figiel. My e-mail is:
Phone Number 627-Not telling the rest.
I live in America. My favorite food is french fries.My favorite song is Taking Care of Business by I forget who. My favorite game is Okage, Shadow King.I like toaster's.

just thought id return the favour soooooooooo here you go. I have a little webpage for you [linkname=here.]http:/ check it out its pretty good im just typing because it only lets you post more than 125 characters.
Felt like returning the favor. Well, hope to see you in the Vice City forum someday.

WTF?!! NOT long enough? Well, then... ejhgjhuiavbaijerhgiu
Thanks for signing my guestbok. I figured I return the favor and sign yours. I like visiting the Tony Hawk forum everyonce in a while, gives me something to do. The games awesome too!
Hey Lord Jim thankyou very much for signing my guestbook. You are a very valuable member of pet/animals forums and we wouldn't wanna lose you ever! Seeya around neo!
Hiya Lord Jim! Thanks a lot for signing my guestbook! I really, really apperciate it. And if I ever need help in Tony hawk's Pro Skater 4 , I'll just PM you! Well okay. Cya!

its been great that you've been in the THPS4 forum and im glad your there
thnx for signin my guestbook
i hope you continue to visit THPS4 forum because we need the help to revive it
Hey Jim,
Whatsup man? Thanks for the kind words about the THPS4 forum. I see you just signed up a few days ago, cool! If you ever need any help, dont hesitate to PM me, ok? See you around in the forums!

Signed By,