I live in a small city in the middle of nowhere, hid from the whole world and spend my whole life looking up and learning useless things that no one really need to know like:
Transfinite numbers! These are number LARGER than infinity. This is a small definition of a part of how these numbers work: “Transfinite numbers use Ordinal numbers, ordinals are the ordered sequence of numbers, an example being {First, second, third}. It turns out that there is a definite way to define addition and multiplication of infinite ordinals so that everything works out. This is a brief explanation. The ordinal number a + b is obtained by counting out to a and then counting b steps further. The ordinal number a . b is obtained by counting up to a, b times in a row. That is, a * b is obtained by sticking together b copies of a, treating this as an ordered set M, and then abstracting to get the ordinal number M= a * b.”

~Old stuff~
Letter Theory! There are 13 steps to making the perfect letter, lets start with the letter "A"
1.Art- you must know that your letter is art, and should be pleasing to the eye. 2.Purpose- who should know why you are writing that letter. 3.Material-know what you are working with to make it, in your case, graphite.4. Tools- know how you are harnessing your materials in a certain form, in your case, pressure. 5.Image- know how your ‘A’ should look like, 6.Senses- be aware of your paper and your pencil while writing. 7.Imagination- take you ‘A’ and add design to it 8.Kinaesthesis- use the coordinating of you muscles to draw your perfect ‘A’ shape. 9.Object and Subject- keep in mind that you are drawing an ‘A’ and nothing else. 10.- Originality-this is the step of imagination, just put it on paper. 11. Perfection- finish drawing you ‘A’ making it complete and perfect. 12.reason and intuition- what will you use this ‘A’ for? 13.Whole and parts – Complete the use of this ‘A’ by completely drawing and double-checking that this ‘A’ is perfect.

There you have it – Letter Theory!

Time travel! If I were to find the secert to Time travel, I would go back and kill someones father, so they would never exist. But then I would have never meet them, and I woudn't have know who their father was. Therefore I couldn't kill thier farther, because I wouldn't even know he existed, so I wouldn't have killed him, but I did anyway.
Dreams! Think your awake? Take a book, read a sentence and re-read it. If the words in that sentance have miraciously changed, congratulations! your dreaming.
M&M's! WWII Soldiers want chocolate that just dosn't melt in thier hands,so from the makers of Mars bars comes M&M's! The candy that first the colors melt in your hand, and then the chocolate.
Alchemy! why people died studying how make themselves live forever.
Shamanism-finding out what the magic mushroom can REALLY do to you 0_o.
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[dosn't it seem that writeing a sentence takes a little too much time?]

I enjoy finding out peoples secrets and refuse to tell to them unless they answer my impossible riddles:D.

Ya, I know. I have no life...


Golden Sun, Golden Sun2:the Lost age. RPGS,writeing narrative stories and looking up useless information.


Now that I think about it, I've become less like a person, and More Like A Concept...
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