Hey Majin, seen you around some forums..mainly Neo Emcee's Open Mic. Anyway, your pretty good at freestyling. Plus your a Nas fan, and that's awesome. Your favorite Nas album is God's Son, am I right? Mines Stillmatic, I just love Ether and One Mic.


yo wuzz good i know your a negro me too just showin tha book some luv.

holla at me peace.
What's up T, how's it going. I just signed to say I'd own you in SSBB Online and that I didn't waste your minutes on your razor.


wat it is mah du. its been a while since i been here. im not sure if you remember me tho?
Ya dude I haven't been on in a while. So thanks for signing my guestbook and I;m returning the favor.

I don't gotta stamp just like last time. I've been watching yuor spits son. You get better everytime. All you gotta do is keep moving at that pace and you will be featherweight champ.

```~~~22 D.O.D B/K SOUTHSIDE QUEENZ~~~```
zup son thanks for the GB signing you cool too. Dont' worry about what I say in the cut i'm crazy hahaha.

Meaningful is my existence, but innocent has just bout died.
I always try, but within my heart the phoenix of jaded rose up alive.

i think u were the one hu signed my gbook so there u go man, thanks and enjoy
Sup... keep in touch and have a nice Christmas:


Just Saying Hi


Your The First To get This Stamp(lucky)

Halla you Latter.

Thanks for being my friend. Peace!
Hi, thank's with the help for NFS:MW forum!!

And i tryed my best with this one:

Hey, if you friend's you can PM me ,or i'll PM you:)
so i am the first to sign huh

here is the amazing stamp: