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This is a poor imitation of real Sims games... but I suppose it's not supposed to be exactly the same. Still fun. For a while. MySims PC
This isn't anything like a real Sims game... but it's still really fun! MySims PC
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  • "How do you unlock the airport area in the entertainment area? MySims DS"
    pball29 Jul 01, 14 9:30am
  • "Just started it today, been paying 12 hours straight >.< btw how do i get to star level 2???!!!!! MySims Wii"
    randompanda33857 Sep 01, 13 7:46pm
  • "Haven't played this game in months. Ah, nostalgia. MySims Wii"
    Pinkydarn Dec 24, 12 5:43pm
  • "pj MySims PC"
    arbiscreamo Oct 01, 12 12:39am
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