is on Animal crossing wild world

Now I promised my self I would write in this every day.
But now I cant be Bothered.
So Ill just write in when I want.
So It'll just be random posts.


pc hardware
Bored, Still wants to Pop Party poppers in backyard.
is bored and Hungryy. Also has need to pop Party poppers.
Made new town Luvin' the game still. AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS
Its Cool im gr8 at boxing WiiSports Wii
100% Completed about 10 times. BratzForeverDiamondz DS
Completed more then once. BratzRockAngelz GBA
100% Complete Completed 20 times. BratzRockAngelz GBA
My Sis Completed That MarioKartDS DS
Its Really Fun To Play its been completed once. AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS

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