Well i haven't got very far in this game so there's not much to say about it other then: Hello Kitty is awesome! HelloKittyBigCityDreams DS
If you count 99% finished as completed/ mastered then yes i have done it! TheSimpsonsGame PS2
I am onto the final stage (versing Bowser) and i find it really hard! I keep on losing and can never defeat him! MarioPartyDS DS
Same as Bunnyz really. It's not anything special and on the back of the case to this game it has pictures of things that can't be done... PetzCatz2 DS
This game is pretty boring. The only upside to it is really the mini games within the actual game! PetzBunnyz DS
I'm over this game. Now i just think it's a waste of time. But if your into farm life and that sort of thing then i suggest you get this... HarvestMoonDS DS
This is one of the best sport games you can find on nitendo ds in my opinion. There's so many extras and your learning as you play! MarioandSonicAtTheOlympicGames Wii
This game is really fun. Yes once you've completed it once it becomes so easy that you can finish it over and over again but it's still... DiddyKongRacingDS DS
oops! I never go on this game much nowadays. Thank goodness there not real dogs! NintendogsDachshundandFriends DS
Well with all the cheats within the game it's not really training your brain at all when you think about it! But it's an okay game. BrainAge2MoreTrainingInMinutesADay DS
wow! If anyone is thinking of buying this game then get it! It is a classic and just so much fun! SuperMario64DS DS
This game can be so much fun but then at times it can be also very boring. I find that i go through stages where i will love the game... AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS
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