Feb 17, 06 6:34am

Hawkeye Lojik
Dec 25, 05 6:09am
Merry Christmas/Kwanzaa/Chanukah/Everything!

Keep doing what you do, haha, don't listen to these dudes that bitch all the time.

And have a random google image when I type in "tomato cat dog"

Now that... is gangsta.
Dec 15, 05 8:40pm
You have become a victim of my little tune I play... Don't get to attacted!!
black ied peas Lojik
Aug 20, 05 9:32pm
I'm going around signing GB's so heres a stamp.Just remember to return the favor^_^

Hope you like it^_^
Sweettea Lojik
Jul 30, 05 5:04pm
I just wanted to sign ya guestbook because I can!
Dan Mumford Lojik
Jun 25, 05 7:21am
This is my 100% brand new stamp, made by...ME! Enjoy...

See ya around!
DQ Maniac Lojik
Jun 21, 05 11:52pm
Point of advice: if you see the Burger King, call the police. He has been sighted breaking into people's homes while offering to give residents a free sandwich. Officials have confirmed that the sandwiches handed out by the king contain dangerous toxins. So beware of the king; you very well might be his next target.

bl3nd3r Lojik
Oct 28, 04 10:45pm
DQ Maniac Lojik
Oct 5, 04 10:25pm
M_N_M48060 Lojik
Sep 27, 04 1:45am
This is Lupin 3rd's Task:

Chillin in the homo club, wantin no drillin and no mo rubs/
Talk to this guy named dub, “Let’s go to my place for decaf and subs”//

He wanted sex, and I said hell no hit him with my elbow knowing he prolly~wood/
Come back for some trunk act(ion) and butt packin, took of his mask’n it was Hollywood//
Fourth Dimension Lojik
Sep 7, 04 9:14pm
You know I don't see why I should be the criminal, how can something with no recorded fatalities be illegal and how many deaths are there per year from alcohol; I just completed Gran Turismo on the hardest setting, we pose no threat on my settee, Ooh the pizza's here will someone let him in please.
"We didn't order chicken, Not a problem we'll pick it out I doubt they meant to mess us about, after all we're all adults not louts."
As I was saying, we're friendly peaceful people, we're not the ones out there causing trouble. We just sit in this hazy bubble with our quarters, discussing how beautiful Gail Porter is. MTV, BBC 2, Channel 4 is on until six in the morning. Then at six in the morning the sun dawns and it's my bedtime.
Mario Man Lojik
Aug 9, 04 8:28pm

Don't worry, it's treatable. All you have to do is click "Delete Entry". Anyway, real reason I'm signing, is because I want to say thanks for the congratulations you gave me. Keep up the good work with Neo Emcee as well. I've got to go to a strip-joint now, I'm thirsty. Ciao.
bosoxpete8 Lojik
Jul 19, 04 5:01pm
Where the *bleep* L.A. been son? What's up man, big ups on running Open Mic so smoothly, you're keeping that place in check, good work. You know I got respect for you. Yeah, we've had beef in the past, but the forum needs a little beef just like an anorexic chick, it's healthy for the hype. Feel what I'm saying? Haha, we gotta rematch one day also. You gotta agree, I've gotten better since that last match. Peace.

Stamped By:
bosoxpete8 - Beantown's Finest
Felony Lojik
Jun 30, 04 12:35am
It seems quite illojikal that I haven't already signed your guestbook, but I will do so now anyway. You have 'The Graveyard' under you name now, which always looks cool, and it isn't even a joke one like all those Super Mods who promote themselves to the Baadaaasss forum's and things like that. LOL. Anyway, peace.

gamesprite No1 Lojik
Apr 29, 04 6:57am
What's a spam guestbook signing? I hope I didn't miss the deadline but I really have been unable to get on here because of school. I guess if that goes against me then I won't be allowed in this thing until I'm nineteen pretty much.
Melancholy Lojik
Apr 29, 04 1:44am
this is for the makingf the creww taskk. It's lojikal to believe u get sick with it on the text mic, hows the real flow? would want to see how u flow under pressure in a real ring;)
Sonic Ultra Lojik
Apr 29, 04 12:18am
They said it was only a few minuets but to me a waste of time. My head is hurting cause everything I say ends in a rhyme. At least when I type it's not rhyming like a nurcery. I'm scared of you Lojik please don't fu-kin curse-at-me!

( That's pure gold.)
ViscousSpike Lojik
Apr 28, 04 9:50pm
Think I'm about to sign your guestbook and be all "please vote for me, I'm the best emcee." Fuck that, let's see some spits, until then I give this G-Book signing shit a big

Truplayathug123 Lojik
Apr 28, 04 8:57pm
as i spit this rhyme/
ur guestbook i will sign/
i will smoke the dime/
it aint no crime/
im kadiver/
im a survivor/
survive the street/
Survive the heat/
every body is gunna be beat/
im going to make the crew/
i'll get the ladiz too/

Emcee Phantasmal Lojik
Apr 28, 04 8:24pm
You really don't get around much in the Neo Emcee's Open Mic forum.. Hope you get better and sedatedness for all mankind even if they can't think Lojikally.^^
MbP Lojik
Apr 28, 04 6:42pm
Yo Lo( wack ass rhyme). Hey man good job with the new rankings ya put up. Its lookin nice and I'm lookin forward to the new point system and the Leauges that you put up. Good job modin the Emcee Forum with Holly and King. Hope to battle ya some day if I get up to ya level.

Lyrickal Draygun
Jecht44 Lojik
Apr 14, 04 6:21am
lol, was up man? yo, just wanted to holla at you. Carnage said you been backin' him up on him being unfairly banned and I respect that, man. Cats today is outta control..they don't know what the game's like you know? You are the coolest moderator IMO outta the 3 haha, and sdon't trip on blowcocksslut8. He's a poser, lol!! ok, peace and sign my G-book!!!!!!
holla at ya boi!!
Hawkeye Lojik
Dec 26, 03 1:37am
Poetry? Aww... I did't know you were that sensitive... you'll love my stamp...

I'm just messing

Anyway, I hope you had a merry christmas, dude. See you around
nb05 Lojik
Dec 5, 03 3:13am
Gaynor with 3 signings? Damn

n00b - out
Kaotic Lojik
Dec 4, 03 2:51am
I cant believe you signed my gbook and i didnt know. And what is with all these kids rippin me off? Its hard bein a celebrity. Nah your the mod here right? Haha, anyways, keep shit fresh, and stay cool, its been good fun in the forum, and i hope i can get back there after i gotta leave.

Peace Out!